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A Dangling Modifier of Deception

I am back from Dubai and can report that Dubai is still standing. Dubai is a vibrant city. The roads, trains, and buildings are all new; when one looks at New York, London, or Paris, one can’t help but be struck by how decrepit their infrastructures (transit and utilities) are compared to this city that emerged from the sand over the span of just two decades.

In spite of the ongoing frenetic pace in Dubai, there are clearly some ongoing challenges. I stayed at a hotel adjacent to the Dubai Festival City. That is really a nice way of saying “Dubai Big Mall”. This facility is brand new, and hosts over 400 stores and restaurants. Having a spare hour, I walked through the Festival City at about 6 PM. It was virtually empty. All stores and restaurants were fully staffed, and the people were as friendly as one could possibly imagine, but NO ONE was there!

Houston has one big mall, known as the Galleria. It has just about every store of which anyone could conceive. Houston has almost four times as many residents. Dubai has at least FIVE (!) Galleria sized malls. Festival City is one of them. There is a day of reckoning coming on the retail front, and it won’t be a pretty sight.

Back to the land of the free and the home of the brave. My cup of partisan angst runneth over one night in Dubai when I watched a President Obama soundbite and heard (for perhaps the millionth time in the past 24 months) “…the Bush tax cuts FOR THE WEALTHY.” Am I the only person whose stomach turns every time Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Biden or some other talking head democrat modifies the Bush tax cut with “for the wealthy”!!?? This outlandish brainwashing is demagoguery at its finest.

–The Bush tax cuts cut taxes for the people who pay taxes!

–The Bush tax cuts created jobs and increased revenues to the US Treasury!

–Of course wealthier Americans received bigger tax cuts. They pay a progressively higher rate and pay higher amounts in tax dollars!

The current administration is waging a covert class war. It is time to call their bluff. Let’s all acknowledge what is really happening. The democrat party is systematically creating an environment wherein more and more Americans rely on Uncle Sam as their primary source of income; either directly or by way of tax refund and/or rebate. The percentage of Americans in this situation is nearing 50%. Now you do the math. If more than 50% of the electorate’s income is funded by the (working) balance of the electorate, then for whom do you think that majority is going to vote?!

And how long will that working minority of the electorate tolerate being an economic punching bag? There is a reason America saw a surge in immigration from numerous European countries in the past several decades. Intellectual capital fled to the US because it was a land that still rewarded entrepreneurialism. How many of those who emigrated to the United States are appalled by the social activism they see today? I’ve said it before but it is time to remind readers of Margaret Thatcher’s words on socialism. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”. Amen.

As an aside, this exact battle is presently taking place in the UK, as the incumbent Labor leader Gordon Brown (aka Mr. Tax) is pillorying the surging Tories (conservatives) with charges of elitism.

We have been very focused on health care reform, but income taxes are just as big an issue. Don’t remain on the sidelines. Make your feelings known to your congressional representatives. There is more than one way to form a militia.

More to follow-

  • Cynthia Cronk

    >Superb, Jim. "Tax cuts for the people who pay taxes". Yes indeed.