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A Peter Finch Moment

I’ve been in Asia for nearly three weeks. But before I go there, I’d like to ask you to take less than two minutes to watch the video on the right side of the blog. (Just click on the words “Peter Finch loses it….” which you’ll find with your mouse right below “Mad as Hell…!”) For those of you long in the tooth, it should bring back memories. For all readers though, it should ring eerily true of our plight today.


Well, now that you have taken that trip down memory lane, ponder this. We the people have been suborned into violating our implicit creed of existence in the United States; we are the land of entrepreneurs, hope, risk and reward. For centuries we have been the representative bastion of freedom and personal opportunity. These are not just ideas; they are composite pieces of a uniquely American value system.

With each passing week, President Obama and his goon-squad are quietly chipping away at EVERYTHING you and your family have grown up to cherish as an intrinsic American right. Just in the past week;

–Congressman Joe Barton was pilloried by the White House (and sadly, members of his own party) for being brave enough to tell the world that he was embarrassed by the administration’s Chicago style strong-arming of BP. Barton was right. The President has no legal authority to cajole (bully) a private sector company into setting up an escrow account. This is not Cuba or Venezuela. This is the United States.

Barton’s apology to Tony Hayward (since retracted as he feared he would lose his minority leadership position) has nothing to do with what one may think about BP. Further, it has nothing to do with the cause of the offshore blowout and subsequent release of hydrocarbons into the Gulf of Mexico. This is about upholding fundamental rights under established civil law. The administration has repeatedly shown a blatant disregard for individual rights. This government does not believe it is comprised of the people, for the people, and by the people. This government believes it is not in office to serve the interests of the people; but rather to use its power to radically and irrevocably alter the social and economic structure of the United States.

–General McChrystal made a mistake. He let his guard down in front of a liberal reporter writing for a liberal newspaper, and he has now paid the ultimate price. Insubordination is not tolerated in our military. Opine Needles gets it. But good leaders know how to lead. And this was a time for leadership on a biblical (the other cheek thing) level. The President needed to rise above petty vindictiveness and do the right thing for the war effort in Afghanistan.

Afghan President Karzai implored President Obama to keep General McChrystal in his post. Secretary of Defense Gates lobbied for his retention. But the fact is that he was toast the minute the Rolling Stone article surfaced. Obama and his cronies will not countenance ANY criticism. This is classic illiberal leftist behavior. It is their way or the highway. And now we will not have a US commanding officer in Afghanistan, until General Petraeus is approved by the Senate and makes his way over to assume control of operations. We have removed the most important cog in the troubled wheel of wartime progress in Afghanistan; at a crucial time in the Kandahar surge. This is not leadership. This is small, petty, vindictive, and downright pitiful behavior.

Some brief notes on Asia-

Every time I make the trek to the Far East, I return convinced more than ever that the Obama administration’s redistributionist policies will force the sun to set on the American dream at warp speed; and the Asian world awaits the fruits of our self-inflicted misfortune as if it were Ochocinco catching buttonhooks in a summer workout.

Tens of billions of dollars are being spent (and will continue to be spent for years to come) on infrastructure projects throughout Asia. The entire region (save North Korea) is experiencing double digit growth. I imagine European visitors to the United States in 1900 felt much the same way.

I don’t know about you, but it truly irritates me. I don’t begrudge Asia its day in the sun, but that same sphere of light does NOT have to set on the United States. Only through adoption of previously failed socialist policies will we succumb and tacitly cede our unique position in the world to an emerging Asian power.

In November, the American people have the chance to tell Washington that they are as mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it any more!