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Abuse of Power

Abuse of PowerIn the space of three working days in DC, we have witnessed no fewer than 3 scandals brewing:

  • Benghazi still boils because people are beginning to become genuinely
    angry about the distortions of truth. The President is doing himself no favors by playing at King: he who thinks thou doth protest too much, and is most sure that much is being made and done about nothing.
  • The IRS investigation of allegedly right wing 501 (3)’s was not an isolated case of a couple wayward IRS branches in Ohio; rather, this strategy was well known and directed in DC.
  • The Obama administration ‘s multi-month eavesdropping of the AP should shivers down their spine. In this case, wasn’t it a bit like inflicting outrage and hurt on one of your own?
  • I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Obfuscation leads to Prevarication, which inexorably concludes its vile path at the doorstep of deceit. Open the door and greet the red guy with the horns. It’s been true since God was a small child. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Have we not reached a T-junction in our journey down Obama Avenue? We’re on a pretty straight path: it’s paved with redistribution. Up ahead it bears left on to Obamacare Lane, and a sign says “must bring redistribution with you.” But to the right there is a road less traveled in recent years. It’s simply called “Truth”.

    Are Americans so desensitized and polarized that they simply don’t care anymore? Can they really not see what is happening to them?

    You may recall the furor over WMD in the buildup to the Iraq war. The best intelligence agencies in the world were convinced Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of WMD. Leading democrats and republicans supported aggressive action to remove these weapons from the hands of the murderous Hussein. Then slowly but inexorably, once it ensued that the stockpiles of WMD did not exist as had been believed, the entire left came down with amnesia and accused President Bush of lying.

    The situations in which we find ourselves now are wholly different. These are cases of premeditated abuses of power. To this day there are talking heads proclaiming the Benghazi situation is nothing more than a partisan rant. How depressing. Can the Obama believers actually continue blithely along their course of complacency and not summon an iota of outrage over the dishonest manipulation of the truth during and after the Benghazi tragedy, IRS abuse, and illegal AP eavesdropping?

    Americans have wallowed in self-doubt before. Perhaps this is one of those times. Throughout the annals of history, we have seen the impact of charismatic leaders on the mass of an affected populace. Suffice to say, the outcome hasn’t always been a win for humanity. In the United States and with the current administration, not only has the mainframe of our economic engine taken a massive hit, but we are now a toothless tiger in the eyes of the world. World leaders see what the majority of our own people cannot: a government that misleads its people cannot be taken seriously.

    More to follow-