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Opine Needles


Think Right . Act Right . Vote Right.

It’s a catchy phrase, but what does it mean? What message is Opine Needles really trying to send? These are good questions, and they merit a thoughtful response. When one cuts through the fog of political obfuscation (there is plenty of that to go around) Opine Needles exists to provide its readers with a solid and principled platform of understanding from which well reasoned political conclusions may be drawn.

The fundamental premise behind Opine Needles is that understanding American history is essential to understanding the political quagmire in which we find ourselves today. As the philosophical origins of our founding principles disappear into the dim light of memory and the faded pages of history books, the central tenets (the glue) of our constitutional republic are threatened. And when political expediency in the name of social justice trumps constitutional law, our nation state is exposed to ruin.

America is indeed at a tipping point, and the more Americans who appreciate the principles which were core to our founding father’s beliefs, the better position we will be in to stave off those who would forego the past to forge a new future motivated by the desire to re-engineer our economy and social structure.