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Think Right . Act Right . Vote Right.


a. to reason about or reflect on ; ponder b. To decide by reasoning, reflection or pondering.

To be (think) or not to be (think), that is the question” -Shakespeare

Thinking maybe the sole definition to proving our existence. “I think therefore I am” – Descartes

We all have the ability to think. It’s a right that no government, individual or law can take away from us. We are mentally, intellectually, and spiritually free as Americans to think as far and wide as we wish.

We are concerned about the lack of intellectual curiosity in our great country. When more people want to watch the Kardashians than a Presidential debate, we have a problem. And folks, we have a problem!

Opine Needles is designed to stimulate thought. We want to provide an information highway for those who seek political knowledge. In addition to our opinion blogs, we provide thought provoking information; all presented in such a way as to allow the reader to digest at his or her own pace. Visit us regularly, and we challenge you to avoid that rarest of events in today’s society; thought!