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Vote Right

Think Right . Act Right . Vote Right.


a. A formal expression of preference for a candidate for office or for a proposed resolution of an issue.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms. It will be because we destroyed ourselves”- Lincoln

This is one of the primary actions that we would like the readers of Opine Needles to take, ACT RIGHT… VOTE RIGHT. By thinking about who you’re voting for reasonably and logically.

Casting a vote for a President is an individual ACT of immense personal power and responsibility. There is no other day that so many American’s carry the power to shift the country for better or worse.

Indeed, to not vote is to eliminate oneself from participation in the democratic process. Worse than that, if one does not vote, one has NO right to complain about the outcome!

America is at a tipping point. Opine Needles hopes you will care enough to vote, and care enough to Vote Right! Hopefully, you will agree that the information provided herein makes it hard to “pull the lever” any other way.