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American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism

Simply put, we are an Exceptional nation. Ours is the most noble experiment in freedom ever conducted by mankind. Ours is a country founded on the notions that all people are created equal, and everyone should have an opportunity to pursue a state of happiness. From the first days of our formation, we have been blessed with a wonderful populace; a true melting pot which, while perhaps never forgetting its roots, has all come to realize that becoming an American means that the Stars and Stripes come first. All else is secondary.

Ours is a nation where philanthropy is a way of life. The private sector in the United States has been more generous over the past century than the private sectors of the rest of the world combined. Part of our exceptionalism is because we are philanthropic not by reason of a central government telling us to be, but rather because it the right thing to do.

There are those in leadership positions who do not think we are an exceptional nation. There are those who are embarrassed by our past. There are those who want to apologize for sins we have not committed. There are those who look at enemies intent on destroying us and can only fault our past for the bloodlust of our enemies. Let there be no mistake; those who do not believe in the miracle that is the United States of America are those who would have us be rendered irrelevant in the decades to come. They do not believe in free will and determinism. They do not believe in an entrepreneurially based capitalist system. They do not believe that the private sector drives growth. The DO believe that taxation and government spending can cure all ills. And they fundamentally do not understand that to succeed in an interconnected world, while we should most often walk softly, we cannot ever let go of the big stick.

These people are wrong, and they are destroying the American dream. Stand up and fight for it now, or you will only see it in our rear view mirror.