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Joan Neuhaus Schaan

What is Happening?

Joan Neuhaus Schaan is a Fellow in Homeland Security and Terrorism at James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University
Preface & PostScript from Joan Neuhaus Schaan- Fellow in Homeland Security and Terrorism at James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University - During the course of my research, I review information from a wide variety of sources. While many sources attach a significant amount of ‘spin’ to the facts, I do not endorse ‘spin,’ but I am interested in the facts. My goal is to present a set of facts, so that the reader can relate the facts to their own experience and come to their own understanding of what is a contentious issue. Each of us comes to a set of facts with different experiences, and in sharing these experiences we shall all be the wiser.

Those that have expressed concern about the direction the nation has taken have been vilified in recent years. Think of the treatment of John Bolton several years ago. In my own experience, those of the Muslim faith that are deeply troubled at the direction in our own country and overseas have particularly caught my attention.

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What’s Happening?

Is it serendipity, incompetence, a master plan, or some combination thereof?

On September 11th, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was breached, the American flag taken down, torn, and burned, to be replaced by the flag Islamist jihad . Close by in the region, the American ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was assassinated. Prime Minister Netanyahu requested a meeting with President Obama, and he declined.

Americans supporting the current administration’s strategy in the Middle East may be shocked at the animosity towards America in Egypt and the region, especially after America participated in the revolution by turning against its allies, Mubarak and Israel, in favor of the of the Egyptian opposition comprised primarily by Muslim Brotherhood elements and in favor of the Palestinians, also comprised of Muslim Brotherhood elements. Americans may be equally mystified by the attacks against Americans in Libya, after we supported al Qaeda affiliates and other terrorist groups in the overthrow of Qaddafi.

We should not be surprised by the actions of Islamists – they have been broadcasting these intentions for years. Policy makers appear to be deluding themselves that democracy in the region has been the objective and end game of these violent elements, rather than recognizing that democracy is simply a tactic to take control of government. Once a regime has control of the government, the democracy then is dismantled in favor of the new regime.

American citizens should be aghast at our own government’s attempts to silence any voice that dares to say the Islamists are a serious threat and have targeted the United States as their enemy. Unfortunately a common truth is that if you cannot deny a message, then you attack the messenger. We should also be concerned of the intentions of close advisors of the current administration.

Let’s take a step back. How did we get here? When did you first scratch your head and say “Does this make sense?” For some the moment came with the Gaza Flotilla in 2010. Each day concern mounted that the world was headed for a World War III, as the Turkish “non-profit” IHH (later declared a terrorist group for links to al Qaeda and HAMAS), masqueraded as a non-governmental organization (NGO), determined to cause an incident involving the Israeli Navy. Then information revealed President Obama’s close associates(<Cached Copy>)Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Jodie Evans were involved in the effort through their Free Gaza Movement (also has been associated with terrorist organizations. ) At approximately the same time, President Obama publicly snubbed of visiting Israeli dignitaries. Regardless of rhetoric, a tectonic shift in policy seemed to be underway.

First, look closely at the flotilla. The concept of the Gaza flotilla was not new. The idea had been promoted and supported by another close Obama associate, Rashid Khalidi, who had signed an appeal for funding of such a ship. In that appeal, the ship was to be named Audacity of Hope. As an official spokesman for Yaser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and follower of PLO sympathizer Edward Sayyid, Khalidi promoted an anti-Israel bias and did not argue against the use of terror against Israel. To understand the PLO’s stance on diversity, recall Maen Areikat, the PLO’s ambassador to Washington, and his comment last fall that a new Palestinian state would be free of Jews. Is it a coincidence that Audacity of Hope also was the title of President Obama’s book published in 2006?

So does Khalidi link back to Ayers as well? Yes, Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi have been friends for years. Who is Bill Ayers? You may recall he is a leader of the Weather Underground and was convicted for his terror attacks, including the bombing of the Pentagon. He was determined to bring down the U.S. government. You may have seen his more recent photos with the Occupy Movement.

And who is Jodie Evans? Jodie Evans is the founder of Code Pink. Code Pink gained notoriety when it advertised in the Muslim Brotherhood English online newspaper for assistance in cleansing the U.S. government. The advertisement linked back to a Code Pink site that calls for the kidnapping of former President George W. Bush, his wife Laura and other former members of his administration through ‘citizens arrests’ for defending America against terrorists in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks by Al Qaeda. Jodie Evans also is the person that attempted to handcuff Carl Rove during a public presentation. Jodie Evans not only met with HAMAS, she also met with the Taliban. HAMAS was a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and remains virulently antagonistic to America.

What Happened? \| Arrest The War Criminal...

What Happened? \| Hamas Official Ahmad Bahr Preaches for the Annihilation of Jews and Americans

These are not the only ties the Muslim Brotherhood has with the current administration. Sect. Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin, is the daughter of a member of the guiding council of the Muslim Sisterhood (the women’s equivalent) and a good friend of the current Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, President Morsi. Abedin has been on Clinton’s staff since she served as the First Lady, and reportedly served as an officer of the Muslim Student’s Association. Muslim Brotherhood’s outright hostility towards peace and the United States has been documented in the MEMRI videos. One wonders why so much effort was expended two and three years ago to rehabilitate the Muslim Brotherhood’s image in advance of their entrance on the political stage. More importantly, one wonders who was responsible for this ‘public diplomacy.’

As the threat from Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood has grown, the ability to discuss the challenge has been diminished in the United States. ‘Islamic extremism’ must now be referred to as simply ‘extremism,’ according to federal guidance. References to the religion’s role in radicalizing individuals to violence have been removed from training materials. Arrests involving terrorist activities often omit the mention of terrorism and particularly ‘Islamic extremism.’ We have been sold the lines “Islam is a religion of peace;” “the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular, multi-faceted organization that recognizes minority rights;” and “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Americans have been subjected to a psyops campaign employing strategies of how to successfully use the term ‘Islamaphobia.’ This messaging is in direct conflict with the ‘See something, say something’ campaigns that have been so vitally important in thwarting a significant portion of the estimated 150 terror-associated arrests in the United States in recent years.

Why have we been unable to speak of the reality in our own country? Clearly political correctness has played a role. And who are the proponents pushing political correctness? They are the likes of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (which has ties to al Qaeda’s American al Kifah centers in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s), the Muslim Students Association (an organization with members that have included Anwar al Awlaki and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad of 911 fame), the International Institute for Islamic Thought, and more. Is it a coincidence that they were named and/or created by the Muslim Brotherhood as participating organizations in their goal to have the United States become part of the Islamic Caliphate? The list created by the Muslim Brotherhood’s American organization, the Muslim American Society, was introduced as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial and can be found below:

What Happened? \| List of our organizations and the organizations of our friends

Clearly this is not the entire story, but do you see a pattern? Next consider Libya, Syria and Yemen.

The Islamists have used recent events to further their agenda, and the United States has played an unfortunate role. Somehow the American people were told to believe that America was bringing freedom to an oppressed people, but prevented from seeing the significant number of terrorists involved in the freedom movements. Perhaps naiveté played a part in our belief that our assistance to these movements would lead to a bond and alliance with resulting governments, who would then hold the United States in high regard. Or perhaps it has been an orchestrated effort.

Let’s find the truth. Let’s protect the future for our nation and allies.

  • Renniemark

    Honestly, Jim, I respected your blog until you decided to reprint this conspiracist nonsense. She makes Gov. Romney’s precipitous criticism sound tame and even equanimous. The murders of Americans by jihadists are atrocities and the US will hunt down the actors. The demonstrations through the Muslim world are extremely troublesome as well, but we’re talking about the actions of less than 5000 extremists among a total population of 1.5 billion Muslims. 1.5 Billion. As Amb. Stevens believed, the Arab Spring was just that and our commitment to democracy in the region should be steadfast. No one, no one in the Administration said it would be easy. The author frankly is lying to say we were misled as to the participants; Americans knew they were a mixed group and not all friendlies. As to the President’s relationship with Netanyahu, if anything the President errs on the typical American political side of a too uncritical embrace of the current Israeli regime. Netanyahu consistently moves from a two state solution and we abet him Romney’s even closer with Bibi which is dangerous. Of course, as Peggy Noonan wrote today, we really have no idea what Romney’s world view of America’s purpose is. One thing we do know: Netanyahu seems close to talking him into another unfunded war. Be that as it may, this essay above was a disgrace to your site. I find fault with the President’s handling of this situation as well but to suggest he or his advisors (solid US citizens of long service to our country) are conspirators with the Islamic movement is beyond reprehensible .

  • The Author

    Please see Edward Klein’s book “The Amateur” for detail on federal policy.

    Page 211

    “Obama was so anxious to curry favor with the Muslim community that his Justice Department prohibited the mention of “Islam” or “Islamic terror” in federal law enforcement training manuals. In addition, Obama instructed his advisers’ to remove the term “Islamic extremism” from the central document outlining America’s National Security Strategy. The change in approach was dramatized when Paul Stockton, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Security Affairs, appeared before a joint Senate/House Homeland Security hearing. He was asked by Representative Dan Lungren, a former attorney general of California, about the source of the threat to America and its troops. The exchange follows:
    Representative Daniel Lungren: Secretary ?Stockton, are we at war with violent Islamist extremism?
    Mr. Stockton: No, sir. We are at war with al Qaeda, its affiliates.
    Representative Daniel Lungren: Okay, I understand that. My question is, is violent Islamist extremism at war with us?
    Mr. Stockton: No, sir. We are being attacked by al Qaeda and its allies…”

  • Renniemark

    I haven’t read Klein’s book but I don’t have any problem with the Manual change or the colloquy you quote. What does the descriptive “Islamic” add to the identification? Al Qaeda is the enemy or whatever other name one of the many extremist groups may adopt. Identifying the enemy by religious affiliation adds nothing, or more importantly subtracts nothing, from the hunt for the terrorists. Although the IRA used deadly and indiscriminate violence in pursuit of justice for Catholics in Northern Ireland, we never called them “Catholic terrorists.” (I realize Al Qaeda uses religious notions of afterlife and Koranic verses to incite but radical Zionists do the same thing with Hebrew Bible verses but we don’t call them “Jewish terrorists.”) What lies behind your insistence to denigrate a religion (held by 1.5 billion) in the pursuit of those whom everyone acknowledges to be terrorists? Does the idea of respect for a faith (pejoratively referred to by you as pollitical correctness) really make you quiver in your boots? Do you honestly believe the pursuit of evildoers has been circumscribed by use of a less inflammatory moniker? Is your faith in the American intelligence community and armed forces so fragile that you leap to the conclusion that the war on terrorism is compromised by nuance, by verbal restraint, by the justifiable urge to avoid unnecessary provocation? I have much more respect for our professionals on the ground than that. To indict the American intelligence community on such a flimsy reed, regardless of who is in the White House, is frankly ludicrous. To infer that it is the product of conspiracy abominable.