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Civil Discourse and the Left – An Oxymoron?

There is something to know about our political left;
of polite discourse, they are completely bereft.

You see it’s much easier for them to simply eschew
all views that might give them reason to think a second or two.

Have you ever wondered why they all seem so mad?
There is never a polite discussion to be had.

They froth, fume, and lash out in a most personal way;
with no facts on their side, emotion rules their day.

They find no fault with the President’s course;
our problems are of Bush’s making, as he is our remorse.

Of their massive deficit spending, and lack of fiscal restraint,
they blame the right; Obama they will not taint.

On Obama-care and its intrusion into our personal rights,
they say we are lame to be putting up such fights.

Of Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid,
the left rejoices in their collective inability to govern or lead.

But folks, the facts speak for themselves and the last 3 years are bad.
You voted for hope and change but oh baby, you’ve been had!

The government cannot create growth; never has, never will.
This reality is quite clear, and it is the democrats’ bitter pill.

All across the world, economies are troubled by massive debt and they’re in a hole,
dug by progressive left policies; all wonderful until its time to pay the toll.

We stand at a precipice; which way will we go?
Are we going to be Greece, or will we stop the flow?

So we say to the right and the middle as well,
line up behind Romney, because Obama is hell!