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Class Warfare!

Mr. Perspicacious was up to his old tricks yesterday. In a White House news conference, he went after the “millionaires and billionaires”. Mr. Obama said “You can’t reduce the deficit to the levels that it needs to be reduced without having some revenues in the mix.”

Cynical, pandering economic politics are de rigueur in this White House. The President knows that he can take on America’s wealthy and the majority of the electorate will viscerally support him. What the President is NOT saying is this:

–taxing America’s wealthy is a red herring. It will not even dent the armor of our deficit.

–taxing America’s wealthy is akin to bombing our factories. Our wealthy are our producers. They are our job creators.

–the path to increased US Treasury revenues lies in REDUCING the corporate tax burden, and letting the Bush tax cuts remain for perpetuity.

We have addressed this issue many times in our blogs. The President aims to drive a stake in the heart of our American soul. He WANTS to rip us asunder in the upcoming election. He sees an America divided. It suits his purposes.

One other minor (!) point that impacts us all. When the President lashes out at his “millionaires and billionaires” there should make no misunderstanding what he and the democrat leadership really mean. They are talking about YOU! If you work hard and make a good living, you are in their sights. They want more of your money to fund more of their redistributionist agenda. Don’t be lulled into a sense of complacency with his rhetoric.

The ultimate irony of this entire debate is that whenever taxes have been raised in the past, democrats have demonstrated repeatedly that they simply spend the increased tax haul. We need to CUT our discretionary spending. This is NOT about raising taxes and destroying productivity in an already depressed and repressed economy.

As we prepare to saddle up and ride into the 2012 election cycle, tighten your cinches. The democrats are aiming low. They will do everything in their power to portray Republicans as out of touch with mainstream America. Republicans need to yell from the rooftops, “We ARE mainstream America!”

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