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Dancing on the Cliff of Destitution

Well, round one is over. We don’t consider it a win for anyone. But the debt ceiling debacle of 2011 was certainly a loss for the President. He demonstrated completely rudderless, hopeless, and useless guidance. The President failed to demonstrate the one characteristic necessary for a successful president. He seemed to be oblivious to the fact that a president needs to lead.

Never once in the long spring and summer of debt-ceiling debate did the President offer a plan of his own. He whined and whinged. He grandstanded and guffawed. He carped and criticized. He demagogued and dabbled. He zigged, zinged and zagged.

As recently as late last week, he made it clear that any agreement had to include tax (aka “revenue”) increases. As it became clear that the agreement would not address any new sources of revenue, he quickly came about and took a new tack on the issue. He began to talk about the future and address increased (taxes) revenues as the only way to ultimately solve our deficit issues.

The democrats simply refuse to accept the fact that the only way to prove to the world (and the rating agencies) that we can solve our economic woes is to drastically reduce our spending. We cannot tax our way into growth. It has never worked, and it never will.

We waste billions and billions of dollars on the Departments of Energy and Education. We waste multiples of those dollars in inefficiently structured entitlement programs. And when (and if) Obama-care kicks in, we’ll be wasting that much more.

Until we can get the majority of the electorate to accept the facts that:

–no one in America should take entitlements for granted,

–entitlements need to be restructured and injected with common sense,

–tort reform must be embraced on a federal level,

–our government agencies have become bloated bureaucracies that achieve absolutely nothing to benefit our economy (other than to keep real estate prices rising in the D.C. area),

we will continue to dance on the edge of the cliff of destitution.

The polls tell the President that the majority of Americans want the “rich” to pay more taxes. These polls are meaningless. Given the choice between a punch in the nose or an ice cream cone, most people choose the ice cream cone. The President is exercising the most cynical form or politics known to man. William Jennings Bryan would be proud. Populism is alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Our producers already pay over 90% of our taxes. We reckon when the President says they are not paying their “fair share”, he means that they need to pay ALL the taxes.

We have 14 months to convince the electorate of the importance of a clean sweep in the voting booth. The reprieve bought by this week’s debt ceiling compromise will be brief. The bigger deficit problems still remain and the battle over how to balance our budget for the long run is still being waged. There is no time for complacency. We are still dancing on the cliff of destitution.