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Democrats – Defenders of Deception

Nancy Pelosi Democrat Minority Leader of the House of RepresentativesIt’s not only President Obama. The entire democrat party has a systemic cancer. It’s bad. It’s like a malignant tumor, and the result, left unchecked, is fatal. This metaphorical Big C is the Big L. You see, the democrats cannot survive without the support of all the special interests which rely on the largesse of OTHERS.

It’s a sad state of affairs. The entire democrat party has evolved to a point whereby it predicates its ability to win elections on currying favor with the perceived downtrodden. The italics are not accidental. While we clearly do have more homeless and unemployed Americans than we should ever find acceptable, there are also millions of Americans who are NOT down on their luck, yet it inures to the democrats’ best interests to convince them they are! How twisted is that?

The examples are everywhere, but let’s dwell for a moment on our public unions and the various states approaching bankruptcy because of runaway collective bargaining and pension benefits on steroids. Governors Walker, Daniels, and Kasich (among others) have stood up and told the ugly truth. In Kasich’s case, big union and democrat party money churned up a mean spirited vote and his necessary reforms in Ohio were dumped.

But the victory celebration is actually more like a death march for the citizens of Ohio. Why? Because Ohio (and dozens more states) simply can’t afford to pay lifetime health benefits to public servants (and their families) who retire at the age of 40. Nor can they afford to look the other way as these publics servants pad their last year of work with overtime so their pensions are artificially inflated. Yet the unions and the democrats bury their heads in the budgetary sand and invoke class warfare. If there is a shortage of money, make the rich people pay! Hail Caesar!

The RIGHT thing to do is tell the people the truth. Union members are going to have to start contributing to their health care and pension costs. Everyone in the private sector does. Seriously, why are these benefits being treated as sacrosanct? It’s time for a reality injection, but the democrats are too caught up in the self-righteousness of their big lies.

This same obfuscatory approach to leadership is also the main reason why the so-called Super Committee failed to achieve a consensus on how to find another $1,200,000,000,000 in budget spending cuts. President Obama himself has acknowledged that our biggest deficit cost issues are driven by Medicare and Medicaid. (We’ll ignore the irony of Obama-care being his signature piece of legislation; a bill so bad that it is set to place our health care costs on a launch pad and blow them into orbit.) But even with the recognition of our runaway health care costs, the democrats on the Super Committee refused to put any Obama-care related ideas on the table for discussion. They wouldn’t even discuss revisions to Medicare and Medicaid.

The Republicans, on the other hand, offered concrete and substantive expense reductions, and also revenue enhancements by way of tax code simplifications. That’s right; contrary to what you no doubt have heard from the mainstream media, the Republicans offered $250,000,000,000 in new revenues. This Super Committee process was a moment in time when something really good could have been accomplished. Alas, the democrats were never serious.

You see, the President and his minions do not want a solution. Their total focus is on his re-election, and his woeful record leaves him no choice but to campaign as a divider. He will not work with the Republicans on any of their ideas, because his plan is to castigate them as the party of the rich, and the party that always says “no.” In effect, the President is going to run as an outsider. He will try to convince his faithful and the independent voter that he will get it all done in the next four years if they will work with him to eradicate those pesky obstructionist Republicans.

We are sickened by the lack of progress in Washington. We’re not any better than Greece or Spain. Our national debt now equals our GDP, and the President wants to borrow MORE money! It’s time to tell the people the truth. His policies are driving us not just to the brink but over the cliff of fiscal sanity. When do the people put two and two together and realize that the President’s stimulus plan has been a colossal failure?

No president in our lifetime has accomplished less than Mr. Perspicacious. We hate to say this, but he even makes Jimmy Carter look good by comparison. Ouch, we never thought we would be able to say that about Mr. Carter.

The lies must stop.

Yes, it is clear our two parties have reached a philosophical impasse. The voters will speak about that in November, 2012. Hopefully, those who Think, Act, and Vote right will send a loud and clear message that the truth matters.

Think Right, Act Right, Vote Right.