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Europe, Whither Thou Goest, We Shall Follow

Greeks in the Streets

Opine Needles was in Italy, France, and Spain over the past week. If only every American could see first hand what decades of government largesse have wrought.

We hope the irony of watching President Obama address the G20 leaders gathered in Cannes was not lost on the astute and attentive American viewer.

There they were, the great and the mighty, dealing with an utterly bankrupt Greece, and a nearly bankrupt handful of other EU members. In a case of classic government of, by, for and from Brussels, the EU demanded that democracy could play no role in the affairs of Greece. Decisions would be made centrally. The Greek people have been wholly disenfranchised.

In the midst of this chaos, our President (Mr. Perspicacious, for our newer readers) managed to give a speech so disingenuous that even Mayor Emmanuel’s head may have spun three times around before checking itself. (Exorcist fans, take delight.)

Folks, this is where the ends don’t meet. Greece has bankrupted itself by promising the good life to all its people. The good life could start early. If one was born in Greece, one was entitled. It became the government’s duty to guarantee a certain style of life and health care. Work, for many, became optional.

The entire cash economy became a study in “under the table” commerce. Tax revenues in Greece are now inconsequential.

The long and short of it is that Greece is the poster child for leftist social engineering gone wrong.

So then, enter the President, who talks about the difficulties in Europe, and how the United States has its own issues. But if the Congress would pass his Jobs Bill, all will be back on track in the US. Huh?

Even David Leonhardt of the New York Times, in the November 6, 2011 Sunday edition has acknowledged, “The Gridlock Where Debts Meet Politics–
Economies in the United States and Europe have been growing too slowly, for too long, to pay for the coming bulge of retirees.”

So after trillions in deficit spending without an iota of growth, the President wants permission to spend more. Sound familiar?

The President has not yet been held to account for the disaster that is his stimulus plan. He and his minions:

–threw billions in federal largesse at unions and pro-leftist groups,

–INCREASED the size of the public sector, thus incurring an even higher annual taxpayer burden to cover public sector costs,

–demonized the private sector, and

Lo and behold, no growth and no new jobs.

In the past three weeks, the President’s core re-election strategy has emerged. He wants to take his class warfare game up a notch. He wants to deflect anger away from him and his failed Keynesian economic policies, and redirect it at that thing called “Wall Street”. You see, Wall Street is no longer a street steeped in American History. It now represents anything and everything associated with wealth creation, and anything and everything at which people can steer their angers and frustrations. Wall Street (the amorphous blob described above)is now just the enemy, and if Obama has his way, the anger will be redirected from him to “it”.

Most of you will recall the 1994 mid-term elections. President Bill Clinton was handed the Presidency by Ross Perot, who collected 19% of the popular vote (running as an independent) and siphoned millions of votes away from George H.W. Bush.

In his first two years, Clinton charged down the familiar leftist warpaths, a hootin’ and hollerin’ all the way. Then came Gingrich and his Contract with America.

The President, to his credit, veered sharply to the right and steered a prudent middle path for the duration of his pre-Monica Presidency. (For all intents and purposed, Clinton was a lame duck once Monica-gate erupted…in a manner of speaking.)

So what is happening now? With the arrival of the likes of Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, it is safe to say the Republicans are having their Gingrich moment. But where is the President? Is he reading the tea leaves? The answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding “NO”!

President Obama has dug his heels in, and playing the class warfare card now more than ever. His are DIVISIVE politics.

If a dog chews your leather shoes, and you punish it by giving it a bone, what is the dog going to do? The longer Obama, Pelosi, Biden, and the cast of Hollywood nitwits continue to encourage these rag-tag anarchists to demonstrate, they will demonstrate! More daunting though, is that the protesters, with the explicit backing of this Administration, will get louder and uglier, and there ultimately will be violence.

Once again, look east to Europe. There are violent mass demonstrations in myriad countries. The people have been sold a pack of lies, and now the lies are unraveling, and they find themselves without the promise of economic security.

If we continue down this path in the US, we will find ourselves in exactly the same unenviable position as do many of the EU’s member states. How can the American electorate countenance the arrogance and implicit deceipt of the President’s constant refrains re his purported views on social justice and the “fair share”?

Think right. Act right. Vote Right.