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Good for Goose and Gander?

Our last opine stirred the proverbial liberal hornet’s nest. Some long standing friends (we can’t say “old” friends anymore without insulting someone!) have taken umbrage over what they see as our relentless onslaught on Mr. Obama’s integrity. One long standing friend went so far as to suggest that Opine Needles is two faced, because we castigated the Dixie Chicks for their attack on President Bush but have allegedly resorted to similar tactics with regard to Mr. Obama. So, perhaps it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Dixie Chicks were certainly entitled to their own opinions. Their criticism of President Bush was predicated on the belief that:

1) He is stupid, and,

2) He lied.

Opine Needles will not lend dignity by way of offering a counter to such absurdity. Suffice to say, Opine Needles would “take the over” on whose IQ is higher; Dubya’s over any of theirs. Further, the liberals love to ignore the fact that their leadership (and the leadership of virtually every developed country in the world) thought Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The fact that WMD did not materialize became a rallying cry for the liberal left in their assault on W’s integrity. The brazen two-faced attacks on President Bush took craven, partisan politics in Washington to a new low; a feat not easily accomplished.

Opine Needles is certainly tough on President Obama, and we frequently question his sincerity and ability to separate fact from fiction. But let’s draw a distinction between our treatment of Mr. Obama and that of the left toward President Bush. We do NOT question Mr. Obama’s intelligence. Opine Needles has never called him a liar. He is a deliberate stretcher of truths. In Chicago , this is seen as an asset. The apple may stray from the tree, but we should never ignore its roots.

One of the repeated negative refrains from the left when bashing Bush focused on his “stubbornness”. Please allow Opine Needles to translate. This means that George W. Bush stuck to his guns. He did what he thought was right for the United States . He was not guided by polls. He withstood withering criticism for years, but he did not bend. And to the left, this meant he was stubborn. In other words, because he would not change course and govern the way the left wanted him to govern, he was wrongheaded and clearly ill-suited for the job! We’ve said it before and we will say it again. There is no room for debate with the left. It is their way or the highway. All is well as long as you agree with them.

Opine Needles believes this country stands at the edge of a historic precipice; to not do something dramatic to reign in runaway federal spending is to court a disaster of epic proportions.
Opine Needles knows there is plenty blame to go around. But the profligate deficit spending that has dominated Mr. Obama’s term in office is unprecedented. We are in uncharted waters, and anyone foolish enough to believe we can close our eyes and hope it will all get better is simply gaga.

So here is the point. We are scared for our children and their grandchildren. We don’t write because we agree or disagree about whether or not we should have started a war with Iraq . And we don’t write because we think Mr. Obama is dumb. (Again, because we know we have to be careful with liberals-who hear and see only what they want to hear and see-we do NOT think he is dumb!)

We believe the President is fundamentally misaligned with the working and productive classes of our country.

We believe he believes with all his heart that the United States is an unjust society, and his job is to make it more just.

We believe the President thinks the producers of society owe a debt to the the non-producers and must pay a steep price for their successes.

We believe the President truly believes the producing class can and will bear any cost to continue producing.


We disagree passionately.

We think he is ruining our economy and digging a hole so deep for our country that we will NEVER be able to recover.

We do not attack the man. We attack virtually everything for which he purports to stand. And we attack what we perceive as his frequent political disingenuousness.

We reckon we’ll get a few more missiles from the left about this blog. So be it. We’ll let the record speak for itself. And we’ll do whatever we can to make sure the record stops at 4 years. If we succeed, even the liberals will thank us some day.

What’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander!

And this just in. The President threw Israel under a bus today. Opine Needles asks its readers to answer this question. Other than caused by some deeply rooted centuries old underdog/guilt complex, will someone explain to us why the Jewish vote invariably leans left? Republican Presidents have consistently stood alongside Israel in its determination to survive against all odds. Israel is surrounded by oceans of enmity. Our role has been to be the one catching them in one trust-fall after another. Today we let them fall, and we were not there to catch them.

More to follow-

  • John

    >Well done Jim. Re Israel paragraph, made that very observatio today.

  • Jim Pierce

    >Thanks…what he did was reprehensible.