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Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

1971 was not a special year. In fact, I would argue that the 1970’s were fundamentally lamentable, if not just down right entirely forgettable. None the less, here are a few random bits of 1971 perspective for you:

• Gas was $.40 a gallon.
• A stamp cost $.08.
• Amtrak was formed
• Lance Armstrong was born.
• Disney World opened.
• The “Summer of 42” and “Love Story” played at the theaters.
• Jim Morrison of the Doors died.
• The voting age was lowered to 18.
• First oil flowed in Norway.
• Fed Ex was incorporated.

The Taft School wanted me to stay back; I said “No way, Jose”, and went to a public high school instead. That shrewd calculation resulted in a three year educational hiatus, but what the heck, I had some interesting experiences, went to a good college, and somehow survived. Believe it or not, something more amazing happened in 1971. Cher had an epiphany. It was not like my mother’s epiphany. My mother’s epiphany occurred when she finally realized the smell seeping from under the door in my older brother’s room was actually not incense. But I digress. Maybe Cher was caught in a vortex; knowing that she had somehow escaped Sonny, only to face a future (albeit of nanosecond-like duration) with Gregg Allman. Whatever it was, for a brief period of time in 1971, she saw nearly forty years into the future and (with assistance from songwriter Bob Stone) sang a prophetic song about the CURRENT democrat leadership in Washington. She actually looked into her crystal ball and saw Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Biden, and Emanuel; and as one can be moved to opine, Cher was compelled to sing.

How she saw the signs of deceit so far in advance, one will never know. And Cher still isn’t talking. But the fact is that her hit single, “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” was a warning shot across the bow that remained unheeded until last week’s passage of the HCDB (Health Care Debacle Bill). Cher tried to tell us then that it all boiled down to selling “a couple bottles of Doctor Good.” And folks, that’s where we find ourselves. We have been sold the world’s largest bottle of Doctor Good.

Sonny would tell us to chill out, and accept that “the beat goes on.” But we know the creators of ObamaCare and democrat leaders in D.C. are wryly smiling as they say “I got you babe”!

This week, a number of Fortune 500 companies announced that they are taking large expense hits (as required by law!) in anticipation of their increased health care costs. Representative Waxman (democrat from California) is outraged. He can’t believe these companies are giving ObamaCare such bad press!! He wants to launch a congressional inquiry.

So let’s get this straight. For months, U.S. businesses and Republicans have been discussing the economic devastation that will be unleashed by ObamaCare. Now that the bill is law, and the first economic chickens have come home to roost, the democrat leadership is downright MIFFED! In a word, ladies and gentlemen, it is nauseating.

In my blog two weeks ago, I warned of the steep hill America will have to climb to repeal ObamaCare. Well, we now find ourselves in that “place”. Democrat leadership is openly talking about ObamaCare being just the first step in their effort to “control the people”. (Representative Dingell-democrat from Michigan)

Friends, this IS the stuff of socialism! This isn’t some right wing psycho-babble. These people want to redistribute your hard earned savings and create a leveled-living “outcome” for all Americans. We are experiencing George Orwell’s 1984. It is no longer an academic argument. It is happening. The United States is a jet and it has been hijacked. We are the passengers. It’s time to roll.

The election in November 2010 is the first step in what MUST become an American electorate revolt.

–Those who believe in hard work and consequential reward must rise up and take their government back.

–Those who believe in free enterprise and low taxation must rise up and take their government back.

–Those who believe in the Constitution as the rule of law must rise up and take their government back.

–Those who believe in freedom of choice must rise up and take their government back.

–Those who believe in the power of a private sector as the engine of economic growth must rise up and take their government back.

–Those who want to continue go to the doctor of their choice and receive the world’s BEST health care must rise up and take their government back.

–Those who believe that America has been a beacon of hope and light for hundreds of millions of people around the world (and in its own enlightened self interest should continue to be) must rise up and take their government back.

A lesson from history merits mention here. EVERY time a country has moved toward inwardly focused social redistribution, there are three inevitable consequences;

1) higher taxes,

2) wealth destruction, and

3) military obliteration.

There simply will not be any money left to maintain a role as the world’s becacon of hope. The history lesson starts with the Romans and ends most recently with the British. The lesson will add another victim if we do not reverse this radical course.

Back to Cher; as you probably can imagine, she actually did not have that aforementioned epiphany. In fact, Cher once said, “If you’re black in this country, if you’re a woman in this country, if you are any minority in this country at all, what could possibly possess you to vote Republican?” Alas, Opine Needles responds by asking “if you exist in this country (Descartes-”I think, therefor I am”), if you value and respect the Constitution in, of, and for this country, if you believe in opportunity and freedom to choose in this country, what could possibly possess you to NOT vote Republican?”

Opine Needles will not be singing back-up for Cher anytime soon.

More to follow-

  • Anonymous

    >Well said! My husband and I wish we could go start a new country w/ the same ideals that this great country was founded upon. Ironically, the very ideals that made this country so great are no longer politically correct! They are taboo!

    And yet a majority of the people in our great country are (still) conservative, but you wouldn't know it thanks to the liberal media. So the "tail wags the dog" and will continue to do so for quite some time I'm afraid…

  • Jim Pierce

    >Yep, but the silent majority can be heard. People need to turn out in droves and vote.

  • Harvard Minority

    >Excellent direction on what's next.
    Let us go forward with effort to affect change in 2010 mid-term's.
    Your latest title is spot on; but regrettable: I am now singing Cher's song over and over in my head, and I suspect it will haunt me into the night!

  • Anonymous

    >I like the way you think! If you haven't had a chance to read "The Big Black Lie" by Kevin Jackson check it out. He'll be in Houston in mid April. His blog is also a worthy read.

  • d.

    >wow–perfection and we know we are in deep trouble (doo-doo) and Must
    do something radical between now and NOV!!!!!