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Hannity is Wrong!

Sean Hannity has been very vocal about the President’s family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. He doesn’t think the President should hobnob with the rich and famous when the United States is mired in a seemingly endless recession. We think Hannity is wrong. We hope the fog rolls in and stays put! We hope the President has to stay there for months. The farther away he is from Washington D.C., the better. We figure he can’t possibly do as much damage from Martha’s Vineyard as he does on a daily basis everywhere else he turns up.

The recent polls have not been kind to our very own Mr. Perspicacious. It seems the American people are not buying into his blame game. The President has spent the past three years blaming anyone and everyone (yes, mostly W, but more recently the Tea Party has taken a front seat for his ridiculous attempts to deflect responsibility from his failed policies) for our woes. He has never once accepted an iota of responsibility for what is now indisputably, incontrovertibly, totally HIS recession. And to add more fuel to the fire of incredulity, he continues to talk about the need to incur MORE deficit spending! Yes, the $1,400,000,000,000 fiscal year deficit is not enough. We need to borrow more money to climb out of our recession. Really folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

What’s equally galling is the real time lessons we are learning from Europe’s failed experiments in state-funded social “equalization”. European nation states (and then the European Union after its formation) redefined the meaning of the word profligate over the past several decades. They annually spent money they did not have. They threw money at what they perceived to be social injustices. They were out to ensure that the have-nots got their share. And exactly what have they wrought? Flash mobs are now the order of the day. Young idiots running rampant through city streets, pummeling whomever has the misfortune of being in their paths, and taking whatever they believe they deserve from any unfortunately located store.

These hooligans are the direct product of the progressive left’s social engineering strategy. They have created the monster, and now they act aghast and agog when their experiment turns out to be Frankenstein.

Friends, take a good look at what is transpiring in Europe. Sure as you are reading this blog, it’s headed our way. Our leftists have been working for seventy years to catch America up to Europe’s leading progressive policies. For years our liberal left has bemoaned how cruel the US is; if only we could be as compassionate as our friends in Europe.

For those who think 2012 is just another election, think again. We’re at the tipping point. Our fiscal cup runneth over. Our social redistribution cup runneth over. Our anti-capitalist cup runneth over. If we don’t put lids on these cups, we can only hope you all are firm supporters of the Second Amendment. You’ll need every resource at your disposal to defend life, liberty, and property. Because some day, someone will try to do something to you, or take something from you; and that someone will be a monster of the nanny state. That someone will believe you owe them that which they want to take from you. And that someone will not care if they have to hurt you to take that which they want, because that someone will not respect the dignity of life.
You may think we are being extreme. We respect your opinion. You are wrong if you think we are being extreme, but we do acknowledge your right to disagree.

Pray for a heavy fog settling in on Martha’s Vineyard. Work hard for 2012. Keep the House, win the Senate, and find a President who understands how to run a business. Then run this country like a business.

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