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Holder Smolder – The Fires of Abuse

Holder Smolder - The Fires of Abuse
It’s getting a little hotter in DC. What’s somewhat appalling is that the President and his Attorney General seem oblivious to the flames burning in their own houses. Is this a manifestation of supreme arrogance? All we know is that it’s mind boggling these guys are still in office. Seriously.

Oh yes, the loyalists are standing by their men, and continue to insist all three of the current scandals are much ado about nothing; just the consequence of partisan attacks. Seriously?

Let’s see if Opine Needles can help lift some of the delusional fog.

  • These scandals are born of the most partisan administration in American history.
  • the President made it very clear as a candidate that his goal was to radically change the United States of America. He has worked steadfastly to do just that.
  • The President surrounded himself with idealogues and charged them to project and impose his vision.
  • The EPA, Departments of Energy, Justice, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and State, (just to name a few) have not served the people. The have advanced the political goals of a President hell-bent on change. Remember the hope and change thing. Well, he meant it. Seriously.

We think the President and his Attorney General believe their ends justify any means. They operate with impunity. If laws have to be broken to achieve their dream, so be it. They are the kingpins in a silent revolution. Surely most Americans understand a few eggs have to be broken to leave a lasting legacy. Right?

Have you noticed they both exude or feign righteous indignation when their integrity or truthfulness is questioned? They actually believe they will continue to convince most Americans they know nothing about the various scandals burning around them. Seriously?

This is what people must know. Whether its the Benghazi lies, IRS abuse, or egregious and insidious Department of Justice assaults on members of the media (using the Espionage Act as the “cover”), it is all born of the message sent from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The leader sets the tone. This leader has made it clear from day one that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is wrong. He does not countenance dissent. It’s his way or the highway, and anyone who stands in the way does so at his or her own peril. Is it really any surprise that scandals are manifesting themselves left, right, and center?

The media (until now) and the majority of the electorate have heretofore been willing to look the other way when this administration bends the truth to serve its agenda. So too are eyes averted when the Constitution is ignored if heeding same proves to be inconvenient to the quest for change.

So the question is whether enough people have finally had enough. For the future of our country, we pray this proves to be the case. Seriously.

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  • RMC

    They have all the arrogance of a Banana Republic dictator and his cabal. The Acting IRS Commissioner visits the White House 157 times during the pre-election period, and yet somehow Obama wants us to believe that they never discussed targeting his opponents? Do they have so little regard for the citizens that they assume we are all stupid enough to buy into yet another one of their fantastic prevarications? Message to liberals who are still making excuses for this behavior – you may want to read a little history. You’re beginning to sound a lot like those in the past who allowed some of the worst tyrants in history to take power.