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Sounds a lot like Operation Overlord, but it’s not. This simple conclusion reached by Opine Needles (ON) is born of the equally simple fact that each of us is exposed to a ridiculous amount of Internet driven “stuff”. So how does Opine Needles become your go-to website for matters germane to the US political situation?

Already, we have built out the Opine Needles website to include a “Living History” section. Short, thought-provoking articles written by members of the academy are posted therein.

In the History section, you can access a number of current blogs written by the best political minds in the country. If you would like another author to be posted, (Krauthammer, Kristol, etc.) please send an email to us at . We will do whatever we can do to accommodate your request. Our mission is to give you one place to shop for your reading enjoyment.

Opine Needles will, of course, continue to opine, and we hope you find some solace in our writings. We know that when we feel a heightened sense of angst about some political matter, it soothes that angst to read a well reasoned, like minded article…”Good”, we say to ourselves, “it’s not just we who think we’re witnessing a spectacular freak show in Washington!”

So, we encourage you to make ON your “go-to” website for up to date information.

We’re sure you’ve seen the Opine Needles book promotion on the web site. We hope you will buy it. In a fairly quick read, you can remind yourself about how many flagrant violations of our civil liberties we have endured in the past three years. You will further be reminded how MUCH the President truly does NOT even remotely embrace the notion of American Exceptionalism. You see, if you have worked hard, and are successful, you have a problem; you are greedy. You have not contributed your FAIR SHARE to the sinkhole of American social redistribution.

Well, rest assured, if the President is re-elected, you will not have to worry about how you can save the world and salve your greedy wound. The President has a plan, and he will use your money to enact his plan. So, you’re all set. No worries! You will have no say in the matter, and you won’t have to lift a finger! 

Oh, but, we should tell you one thing. That money your give to your church, the American Cancer Society,  Komen, I Am Waters, whatever charities you hold dear to your heart, well, we hate to break it to you, but you probably won’t have that money anymore. Sorry about that….But look, you can feel good knowing your money is playing its small part in President Obama’s very large economic revolution, even it if does mean the end of philanthropy as we have known it in America.

We have very little to say about other current events other than “eghads!” Iran continues to build a bomb, Newt wants to station men on the moon, Obama came up for enough oxygen to propose yet another unprecedented buster of a budget (one has to wonder why they are not looking at Greece and doing everything possible to fix our problems NOW) and  Putin is about to conduct so fraudulent an election that even the most pro Russian citizens will no longer be able to hang on to hope and change alone. (In November, we hope most Americans will feel like they have been there and done that on the hope and change front.)

The administration is trying to convince people that 8.2% unemployment is a good thing. And we all know this number does not even reflect those who have simply dropped out of the job market.

Our national debt now equals our GDP. We have huge problems the democrats are committed to making worse. Their petulance is unfathomable. They are doing exactly what they think they should do, and that my friends, is really scary!

Lastly, the President’s recent attack on the separation of church and state is very, very disturbing. The lefties are trying to address the entire contraception issue as a Catholic pro-life problem. Hardly. This is about the federal government putting its nose where it doesn’t belong, and trampling on our individual rights at the same time. This should be a major campaign issue.

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More to follow-

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