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It’s Not Getting any Better

Our mendacious Mr. Perspicacious is up to his usual tricks. Students of Presidential elections know full well that the President who actually rests on perceived accomplishments eighteen months prior to an actual vote is the President whose head is mired in cloud cuckoo land. So let’s agree to put Osama Bin Laden’s death over to the side for future discussions regarding Mr. Perspicacious’s overall lack of fitness for the Oval Office.

Alas, unlike another President (GHWB) who actually did accomplish myriad feats on behalf of the American People (and still was rejected at the Polls in his re-election bid) our current Mr. Perspicacious has only Mr. Bin Laden’s death to claim as anything close to a leadership success. Otherwise, the train-wreck of social change and perpetual onslaught on a capitalist, entrepreneurial America continues unabated.

What we face is an insidious, nefarious, incessant assault on all that makes America a great country. Following are some examples. While viewed in isolation, perhaps each does not seem so egregious. But when considered from the perspective that every day this administration is pushing its destructive agenda, the impact on the cement that is our social and economic foundation should engender fear (if not loathing) in every rational American.

–Mr. Perspicacious on jobs: “The reason the unemployment rate is still as high as it is, in part, is because there have been huge layoffs of government workers at the federal level, at the state level, at the local level. Teachers, police officers, firefighters, social workers-they have really taken it on the chin over the last several months. And so, what we’re trying to do is to see if we can stabilize the budget.”

Verbal vomit.

Folks, the private sector has lost 8,000,000 jobs since 2007. The public sector has ADDED jobs since 2007. Sadly, we suspect some police payrolls are down, but the good news is that you may rest assured we have more community organizers in government!

–Mr. Perspicacious’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has recently filed an action against Boeing for deciding to locate a large facility in South Carolina instead of Washington State. The NLRB alleges Boeing violated the rights of union workers in Washington by deciding to build its Dreamliner airliner in South Carolina? Let’s not worry about the realities of managing a P&L. Boeing stands on the precipice of losing its leading global position because union labor has caused extreme inefficiency, cost overruns, and time delays on its newest aircraft. Boeing management is RUNNING A BUSINESS; something Mr. Perspicacious and his cronies have never done. Boeing CEO Jim McNerney wrote this week in a Wall Street Journal op-ed “The NLRB is wrong and has far overreached its authority. Its action is a fundamental assault on the capitalist principles that have sustained America’s competitiveness since it became the world’s largest economy nearly 140 years ago.” Opine Needles applauds his candor and willingness to tell it as it is. More CEO’s need to step up and be heard. This administration is destroying American competitiveness!

A last word on the Boeing affront to free will and determinism—Mr. Perspicacious, his cabinet, and the NLRB refuse to look at the facts. There is a direct correlation between “right to work” states, and jurisdictions in the US that are actually growing!! The states mired in anti-growth union controls are the big BLUE states. The states that believe in growth and capitalism (right to work states) are RED and growing.

–Yesterday, Mr. Perspicacious finally made some positive noises about drilling in the United States. What he said was far too little, and more than far too late. After spending the first 2 ½ years of his administration pillorying the oil business, (and dreaming of an America run on wind and solar) it has taken $4 plus gasoline prices to prompt him to begin to connect the dots. His energy secretary may ride a bike to work, and may not be able to tell you what a blowout preventer is, but darnit, Mr. Perspicacious gets it! RIDICULOUS!

Every week we see snippets of attacks on our fundamental rights similar to those discussed above. Add them up, and Houston, we have a problem. Oh wait: we must not be in Houston, because Mr. Perspicacious decided that NASA did not deserve to receive one of the retired shuttles. Lo and behold, Illinois is to be home to a shuttle. Chicago, we have a problem.

Opine Needles attended a small dinner last evening. Attendees were all well educated, and the dialogue proved to be above average compared to the usual patter which might otherwise be expected for a Saturday night. Not surprisingly, Presidential politics entered the conversational fray. There are those who think Mr. Perspicacious is a shoe-in for re-election. Let’s hope for our country’s sake they are wrong. Here is what we think:

–The election is still another lifetime away. It does not matter whether a “winning” Republican candidate has emerged.

–The next President of the United States will be determined by the US economy in November, 2012. If unemployment is still in excess of 8%, and no concrete steps have been taken to reign in the administration’s profligate deficit spending, Mr. Perspicacious will have a problem. Ironically, the one thing that may help him is the fact that the Republicans forced him into an extension of the Bush tax cuts. (Businesses don’t grow in oppressive tax regimes.)

–If Mr. Perspicacious continues to suggest the deficit can be tamed by increasing taxes “on the rich”, his bluff will eventually be called. Even the mainstream media cannot possibly continue to perpetrate that farce on the American people. The only way the deficit will be eliminated will be by addressing our discretionary spending; repealing Obamacare, and reforming Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. There, we said it. We dared to touch the third rail. If we don’t drastically restructure our entitlements, we are toast. Say hello to the Chinese Renminbi, and goodbye to the US dollar. The currency that brought the world to its feet from its knees after WWII, the currency that has helped countless developing countries mature…you can kiss it goodbye.

–As Opine Needles has mentioned several times, 50% of our country now depends on the Federal Government for some form of economic assistance. The liberal (emphasis on small case “l”) democrats have spent 80 years developing policies to make their form of redistributionist anti-capitalist government a self-fulfilling prophecy. Republicans and independents will need to turn up in force to vote in what stands to be the most important election in our lifetimes.

Lastly, (for today!) Opine Needles says this to those who see Mr. Perspicacious as a moderate, centrist President. ARE YOU KIDDING!!?? One need look no further than his hand-picked Attorney General. This week in Paris, Eric Holder said “Although we have not closed Guantanamo within the time period that we initially indicated … it is still the intention of the president, and it is still my intention, to close the facility that exists in Guantanamo.” This guy is as radical a deconstructionist of American values and virtues as has ever occupied the AG’s office. His positions should be an affront to every hard working American. In spite of the successful Osama mission, Eric Holder continues to prosecute CIA operatives who engaged in enhanced interrogation techniques, and Mr. Perspicacious refuses to take a position on this tragic situation. WE KNOW THE ENEMY AND WE DON’T HAVE TO LOOK OUTSIDE THE FLAPS OF OUR OWN TENT.

More to follow.