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It’s the Midterms, Stupid!

President ObamaI write from Delhi, India. It seems one cannot escape the outcome of the election, no matter how far he has strayed from home. In yesterday’s Indian “Economic Times” there is an article penned by Joseph E Stiglitz, a professor at Columbia University. Herewith are a few excerpts:

…the election had many salutary effects-beyond showing that unbridled corporate spending could not buy an election, and that demographic changes in the US may doom Republican extremism.

The Republicans’ explicit campaign of disenfranchisement in some states…backfired.

In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor and tireless warrior for reforms to protect ordinary citizens from banks’ abusive practices, won a seat in the Senate.

His drivel goes on and on. Is it any wonder people around the world have a warped view of the Republican party when this is the palaver they are fed? More importantly, if you are not struck by the wanton disregard for the truth employed by the left on many fronts, you should be. The left has very successfully painted the entire Republican party as the party of hate, oppression, scientific recidivism, and indentured servitude. It’s absurd, but it is working, and they are winning elections because of it. It’s time to wake up and fight back.

Closer to the here and now and home, we are faced with a greater problem. As we did in the summer of 2011, we are once again getting thumped in the fiscal cliff debate.

  • We keep talking about deficits and spending. The President talks about fairness.
  • We talk economics. The President talks about greed.
  • We talk about the debt we are handing our children, the ultimate impossibility of the current entitlement spending trajectory, imminent inflation, downgrading of our credit rating, and permanent loss of our status as owner of the world’s reserve currency. The President rails with righteous indignation of our selfishness.

Are you detecting a theme? The President has never let facts get in the way of a good campaign. And let there be no mistake; for Mr. Obama, the campaign never ends. From day one, his has been a redistributionist quest. The President has neither the patience nor financial aptitude to actually understand what is happening to our economy. If achieving his promise to punish those who have pursued and caught a small part of the American dream means pushing us off the cliff, then hear this; we are headed off the cliff.

It gets worse. For the campaigner in chief, there is additional incentive to put the pedal to the metal and steer for the abyss. Based on the past several years, he has succeeded in winning every public relations (perception rules over reality) battle he’s ever fought. With an abiding accomplice in the form of our compliant mainstream media, the President believes in his heart he will be able to blame our leap into fiscal insanity entirely on the Republicans. And based on our track record to date for explaining our policies in a way to which Joe the Plumber can relate, who can argue with the President?

You may query, “why would he want to do that?” It’s all about the mid-term elections! He wants to capture the House, and he will stop at nothing (not even the prospects of another recession and credit downgrade) to do so. History be damned; this President is going to pick up seats in the midterms, because he will have convinced the majority of the electorate that our abysmal economy is entirely the fault of the Republicans. One can only shudder at what would happen to the this country in the last two years of an Obama administration with democrat control in the House and Senate.

So there you have it. If I were in the Republican leadership, I would be raising and spending money (lots of it) taking the case to the people. The media will never give House and Senate leaders the airtime they require to get their points across. The democrats have successfully latched on to the notion that the entire Republican party can be demonized and deemed irrelevant on the back of a handful of pathetically concocted social issues. Republicans need to go back to the Reagan flip charts and draw the picture for the people. If they don’t, Lord help us all. Get your parachutes out; the fiscal cliff is pretty high and it is a long way down.

  • Richard

    It’s difficult being the adult/parent these days.

  • HenryEustaceMcCulloch

    Mr. Pierce,

    Thank you for this clear statement of the Republican Party’s dilemma. The truth is that the Republican Party also has all of the emotional arguments: fairness; greed; and selfishness, that Barack Hussein Obama and his accomplices in the Democratic Party resort to with such patent dishonesty. If, as you note, with considerable success as well. All the Republicans need to do is make those arguments to the party’s base and should-be supporters.

    Who pays and who does not? Obama was-reelected by the votes of tax-eaters. For the moment, but for how long is an open question (and establishment Republican analysis of the immigration aspect of the problem is all wrong, but that’s a topic for another day), taxpayers outnumber tax-eaters. There is a fairness argument there, if Republicans will but make it. Another: affirmative action is a government-supported program to discriminate against one race in favor of others, on the basis of race. (Not to mention affirmative action’s extension to women and, most recently, homosexuals.) Surely Republicans are willing to argue that discriminating against people solely on the basis of their race is wrong. And it happens that the discriminated-against are still, no matter what liberal and neoconservative pundits like to tell us, the substantial majority of Americans. Another fairness argument, if Republicans will but use it.

    The whole entitlement scheme the Democrats have erected since the New Deal (often with Republican complicity, it is true) is built on greed. It succeeds politically to the extent liberals keep tax-eaters convinced they have a right to what others have earned, and also succeed in keeping taxpayers fragmented enough politically that the tax-eaters dominate a winning liberal coalition. Republicans have been falling for this one since 1932, at least — Ronald Reagan not excluded.

    Is incorporated in the questions of fairness and greed as well, especially with respect to taxation and entitlements.

    Instead of attempting to counter Democrats’ emotion-driven appeals (I won’t dignify them by calling them arguments) with dry fiscal arguments, Republicans should — with passion — make those same appeals to their base, the net taxpayers of America, with intelligent arguments. Of course, to do that Republicans will need to overcome their pathological fear of being called racist. As things stand now, we see the pathetic spectacle of Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell negotiating the terms of Republican surrender at the edge of the cliff.

    It does not have to be that way. 51% does not a “mandate” make; Republicans should feel free to oppose Obama when he is in the wrong; it is what their 49% expects of them. And when is Obama not in the wrong?

    There is only one thing in your brief essay I disagree with: “The President has neither the patience nor financial aptitude to actually understand what is happening to our economy.” Barack Hussein Obama has a good understanding of what is happening to the American economy, and is surrounded by advisors who understand it better still. If Obama is acting to break the American economy, and indeed he is, it is because he wants the American economy broken.

    You often write of American exceptionalism. We may debate what that has meant over the years and what it should mean today. What I think is clear is that Barack Hussein Obama intends so to weaken America that it will lose any possibility of remaining exceptional. Obama has a negative view of the American historical legacy in the world, and he wants to reduce American effectiveness in the world. I do not know how else — other than Islamophilia; another topic for another time — one can explain his approach to the Middle East, to pick just one example.

    Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Republicans, just as unfortunately, cannot or will not see Obama for what he is and so render themselves incapable of resisting him and the Democrats effectively.

    And time is getting short…

    Thank you again for your good work. HMcC