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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs–It’s the Private Sector, Stupid!

The post from last Friday still stands below. The jobs issue is so vital to the economic integrity of our country. People MUST appreciate the slippery slope along which the current administration has the economy sliding. Please be vocal about this. Every educated voter matters, and every vote really does count. Scott Brown is the current poster child for that assertion.

How about Patrick Kennedy taking the high road on the Scott Brown election? On a labor related vote, Kennedy said “Brown’s whole candidacy was shown to be a joke today….” when Brown did not support an Obama appointment to the National Labor Relations Board. Keep it up Patrick. You too could be looking for a new job.

The Jobs Post-

The U.S. jobs report is out today. It gives one a moment to pause and reflect. Over 8,000,000 jobs lost in the last couple years. But there is so much more. One must dig deeper.

The President keeps talking about a “jobs bill”. Let’s make sure we all understand what he means. He’s implicitly referring to one of two things:

–permanent public sector jobs, or

–”one-off” private sector jobs-(a case in point would be the train from nowhere to nowhere in Florida…with apologies to friends in Tampa and Orlando.)

The point is that the private sector (the historic mainstay of American economic growth and ingenuity) is still shrinking. And the President’s proposed tax agenda is tantamount to kicking the dog while it is still asleep in the corner. The democrats aren’t stupid or mean enough to do something like that, are they?

All we hear about from the President, Pelosi, Rangel, Reid, et al is how the “Bush tax cuts” destroyed hope and created massive deficits. Balderdash! Revenues to the US Treasury INCREASED in the mid 2000′s. The Bush tax cuts created private sector jobs and generated more tax revenue.

It is interesting to note that just today, the President spoke about the importance of the private sector. He even acknowledged that the private sector is the engine of growth. But his actions belie his words. His actions have repeatedly demonstrated that he sees the private sector as both a blessing and a curse. Most importantly, he sees the private sector as the economic vehicle through and by which he wishes to redistribute wealth in the United States. If only the President had ever had to actually meet a payroll.

Ronald Reagan once said “The most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” Good Lord, how prophetic. To put this in perspective, in 2008, 1.1 trillion dollars were spent on state and federal wages and benefits. It is estimated that number (while experiencing a short term hiatus in growth) will expand year on year for the forseeable future. State and Federal workers make an average of $40 an hour in wages, salaries,and benefits. This compares to an average of $27 an hour in the private sector. State and Federal workers have more guaranteed vacation time and the job security is sweet!

Here is a little secret to get your blood boiling even more. There is already a massive unfunded pension liability issue looming for public sector employees. And as the President adds more and more employees on to the Federal dole, this problem only compounds itself. Now how are those liabilities going to be funded? Of course, the shrinking, increasingly tax burdened private sector will pony up. Are you detecting a pattern here?

This all ties into the notion that the government can solve the woes of the citizenry. The President has two major domestic policy issues on his agenda-

1) jobs, and

2) health care reform

In both cases, the Government is his proposed solution. Well, I guess we should understand his rationale. After all, look at how successful the government has been in running other initiatives-

–The Post Office-running record deficits

–Social Security-soon to be unfunded

–Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-broke

–The War on Poverty-it’s been waged for nearly 50 years and is the poster child for the fallacy of liberal doctrine which presupposes that throwing guilt ridden money at a problem will make it go away

–Medicare and Medicaid-beautiful (not!)

There’s a theme here. It’s about the private sector. It has always been and will forever be. It has been the economic backbone of this great country. It’s time to take it back.

  • Anonymous

    >Hoover lost 8 mm jobs. GWB lost 3.2 in the early aughts, and Nancy Pelosi casutically said this was second only to Hoover. BHO has now lost 8.1, which is actually offset by all the jobs paving roads that he "saved". We have a new champion, ladies and gents!!

    Yeah, yeah, blame it on GWB but I think I'll blame it mostly on Bawney and the D controlled Congress who forced banks to make stupid loans to poor risks.