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Letter from George HW Bush to his children- December 31, 1990

This is a letter written by President George H.W. Bush to his kids. It was written right after Christmas, and just during the build up to the first Gulf War. This letter puts to rest once and for all the myriad conspiracy stories concocted by cynics and critics. It is handtyped and reveals the thoughts and passions of the very human leader of the free world.

The effete elite (who were so quick to denigrate this statesman President)will be long gone when history records his feats in office. He will be rememberd as one of our greatest patriot statesmen. Keep a watch out for a biography to be released next year…written by Jon Meacham, Newsweek’s editor.

Dear George, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro .
I am writing this letter on the last day of 1991 .
First, I can’t begin to tell you how great it was to have you here
at Camp David . I loved the games (the Marines are still smarting
over their 1 and 2 record), loved Christams Day, marred only by the absence of Sam and Ellie . I loved the movies- some of ‘em- I loved mostly
the laughs . Most of all, I loved seeing you together . We are a family blessed; and Christmas simply reinforced all that.
I hope I didn’t seem moody . I tried not to .
When I came into this job I vowed that I would never ring my hands
and talk about ‘the loneliest job in the world”
or ring my hands about the pressures or the trials .

Having said that I have been concerned about what lies ahead .
There is no ‘loneliness’ though because I am backed by a first rate
team of knowledgeable and committed people . No President has been more
blessed in this regard . .

I have thought long and hard about what might have to be done .
As I write this letter at Year’s end, there is still some hope that Iraq’s dictator will pull out of Kuwait . I vary on this . Sometimes
I think he might, at others I think he simply is too unrealistic- too
ignorant of what he might face . I have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we have tried hard for peace . We have gone to the UN; we have formed an historic coalition; there have been diplomatic initiatives from country after country . .

And so here we are a scant 16 days from a very important
date- the date set by the UN for his total compliance with all UN resolutions including getting out of Kuwait- totally .

I guess what I want you to knows a father is this :
Every Human life is precious . When the question is asked “How many lives
are you willing to sacrifice? “- it tears at my heart . The answer
of course, is none- none at all- We have waited to give sanctions a chance, we have moved a tremendous force so as to reduce the risk to every American soldier if force has to be used ; but the question of loss of life still lingers and plagues my heart .

My mind goes back to histtory :

-How many lives might have been saved if appeasement had given way to force earlier on in the ’30′s or earliest ’40′s?

–How many Jews might have been .
spared these gas chambers, or how many Polish patriots might be alive today?

I look at todays crises as good vs evil . . . yes, it is that clear . I know my stance must cause you a little grief from time to time;and this
hurts me ; but here at years end I just wanted you to know that I feel:

–Every human life is precious . . the little Iraqi kids’ too . .
–Principle must be adhered to- Saddam cannot profit in any
way at all from his aggression and from his brutalizing the people of Kuwait .
–And sometimes in life you have to act as you think best-you
can’t compromise, you can’t give in…even if your critics are loud and numerous .

So, dear kids- batten down the hatches .

Senator Inouye of Hawaii told me : “Mr.President, do what you have to do.
If it is quick and successful everyone can take the credit . If it is drawn
out , then be prepared for some in Congress to file impeachment papers
against you” . . . that’s what he said, and he’s 100% correct .
And so I shall say a few more prayers, mainly for our kids in the Gulf ,
and I shall do what must be done and I shall be strengthened every day
by our family love which lifts me up every single day of my life .
I am the luckiest Dad in the wide world.

I love you, Happy New Year, and may God bless every one of you and all in your families.

Love, Dad

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