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Murderers or Saviors?

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney 2012

The game is on. Mitt Romney has picked Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Of this you may rest assured; the democrat printing printing presses of propaganda are already gearing up. So too are the telegenic televangelists gearing up to spew forth their vitriol. In fact, the reaction disinformation from the White House has already been released. So get ready.

Let’s review Obama’s core re-election campaign themes.

  • According to an advertisement released last week, Mitt Romney is responsible for Mrs. Soptic‘s death. I assume you know the story, so I will not repeat the details. Suffice to say, not only is the claim factually without merit, it is reprehensible in its tone and nature.
  • Last year, Nancy Pelosi called Representative Ryan’s proposed budget “a path to poverty for America’s seniors and children, and a road to riches for big oil.” The democrats aired a television commercial depicting a Ryan look-alike pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair off a cliff. These attacks will now be ramped up to ear-splitting decibels.
  • Success is evil. the President has spent four years demonizing success in the United States, and his incessant attacks on Mr. Romney’s career in the private sector continue unabated.
  • If those who make money and have succeeded don’t pay more taxes, the rest of the country will suffer.
  • And of course, the subliminal bull in the political china shop. Republicans are racist.

So, in effect, we are about to see mud-slinging taken to a new low.

Yep. Get Ready. These people will stop at nothing. They will engage in class and race warfare. Theirs is the politics of resentment. They have no positive record upon which to run. So they will conduct an atrocious attack-based campaign. They have already insinuated that both Romney and Ryan are responsible (or would be) for the deaths of hard working Americans. They will stop at nothing. There is no depth to which they will not stoop!

Representative Ryan is the real deal. He is smart; really smart. He is ready to go; the whole package. His 2011 proposed budget was genius. And for the record, in case this comes up in any of your conversations, his health care reform measures do NOT touch current Medicare benefits to those receiving them. The democrats are being disingenuous. Full stop.

In yesterday’s speech announcing his choice of Representative Ryan, Governor Romney said:

His leadership begins with character and values. He has the virtues of and hard working ethic of the midwest. He is a man of integrity….he doesn’t demonize his opponents. He is in public life for all the right reasons…to advance the virtues of freedom and justice….with energy and vision, he has become an intellectual leader of the Republican party. He understands the fiscal catastrophe that awaits us if we do not change course.

He has never been content to simply curse the darkness. He would rather light candles.

Governor Romney specifically mentioned Medicare and Obamacare. He pledged to leave Medicare in place, and also to repeal and replace Obamacare. The Republicans are smart to get out front on this issue, because the attack dogs are already en route.

Representative Ryan had this to say:

Following four years of failed leadership, Governor Romney is the man for this moment. He and I share one commitment; we will restore the greatness of this country! …President Obama has become part of the problem; Mitt Romney is the solution!…It is our duty to save the American dream for our children and theirs….

We find ourselves in a nation facing debt, doubt, and despair. Families are hurting…nearly one out of every six Americans are in poverty….Whatever the explanations, whatever the excuses, this is a record of failure.

We are in a different and dangerous moment…we cannot afford four more years of this. There will be painful consequences if we fail to act now.

If you have a small business, you DID build that!

Mitt Romney is a man of achievement, excellence, and integrity.

America is a place where if you work hard, and play by the rules, you can get ahead. We look at one another’s success with pride, not resentment!

America is more than just a place; it is an idea. Our rights come from nature and God, not from Government! That”s what made us great. We promise equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. We promise government by consent of the governed! These ideas are under assault. We are on an unsustainable path. It does not have to be this way. Mitt Romney and I will not duck the tough issues. We will lead! We won’t blame others; we will take responsibility. We will not replace our founding principles; we will re-apply them!

We can turn this thing around. Real solutions can be delivered. But it will take leadership, and the courage to tell you the truth.

The comments set the perfect tone. The choice has never been more stark,more glaring, and more important.

Governor Romney now has a five point plan that addresses the issues confronting the United States. He understands the problems, and knows what has to be addressed. Visit his website at You can learn as much as you wish to know.

Get involved. Stay involved. Your time to make a difference is now, more than ever.

Murderers or Saviors? You decide.

More to Follow.

Think Right. Act Right. Vote Right.