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Obama’s Snooze Conference

Obama’s Snooze Conference | Opine Needles

President Obama held a news conference this past Friday to explain why our economic doldrums are:

  • Europe’s fault,
  • Bush‘s fault, and
  • Congress’s fault.

In the midst of all this misdirection, he made this amazing comment: “The private sector is doing just fine.”

My friends, that statement sums up this entire election. The President may be a well spoken fella, but he is absolutely clueless about our country’s economy. He fundamentally does not understand that it is the private sector that drives growth. President Obama believes the “state” must provide the direction and solutions. He is wrong. The private sector is the engine of our economic growth and it is NOT fine. We need to demonstrate sustained fiscal restraint, and establish a redefined tax code that gives the private sector renewed confidence in our economy.

Then we have the unconscionable arrogance (bordering on twilight zone material) of this administration’s high handed treatment of Europe. In his snooze conference, the President said, “You’ve got some countries like Greece that genuinely have spent more than they have brought in, and they’ve got problems.” Seriously!!?? Who are we to lecture anyone? Unless we get a handle on our deficit (reduce discretionary expenditures) and stop these Federal Reserve stimulus infusions, we ARE the next Greece. Our hubris is appalling. We need to focus on our problems, and use the experiences of Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and others as case studies for what not to do. At the moment, the President is modeling our economic future on Europe’s. Does anyone else sense a disconnect here?

I would be remiss to not mention the outstanding outcome of last Tuesday’s recall election in Wisconsin. The public unions and democrats made Governor Scott Walker‘s recall their poster child for the 2012 election season. Whoops! If you are trying to figure out what happened in Wisconsin, just know this: before Governor Walker dismembered the public unions, there were 62,000 members of the American Federation of State, County, and Federal Employees Union in Wisconsin. Members had no choice. If they wanted a job, they had to join the union and pay their dues. Governor Walker gave them the choice. Guess what? Today, there are only 28,000 members. Nearly 60% of the employees chose to part company from their union!

The layers of the public union onion are being peeled away, and the American people do not like what they see. Tears are forming. We can only hope that more governors and mayors will be emboldened by the results in Wisconsin, and get to work in their states and cities to remedy the outrageous pension liability issues driven by union bully tactics.

Did you know that citizens of San Jose and San Diego (yes, California!) voted to (respectively) increase union members’ contributions to their benefit programs and move to a 401K from a defined benefit pension program? I reckon you did not know that, because the Main Stream Media is not covering this new reality. But these trends are important, because they demonstrate that the American people, no matter where they live, have had enough.

So if you missed the snooze conference, no worries. It was the same old, same old. Mitt Romney is looking better and better all the time. Just ask Bill Clinton!

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