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Ongoing Insincerity or Benign Neglect of Duty?

Earlier this week, I had the misfortune of watching the ABC interview with President Obama. The President’s “sincerity”oozed through the lens, but as in most instances over the past two plus years (campaign plus first year of deception) very few Americans see the same interview as those who have pierced the veil of hypocrisy. This man, and his arrogant band of hooligans are absolutely determined to marginalize those institutions and traditions that have differentiated the United States from all other free societies. Indeed, by using the Federal Government in the fiscal equivalent of a reverse Robin Hood play, all those who subscribe to the “hard work equals just rewards” theory driving the free enterprize system are now poised to see their earnings and savings slowly redistributed to others the President deems so deserving.

The President and his Cabinet are equating success to greed. Where are we….Sweden? There is not one person on the current Cabinet who came from the private sector. This is a group of elites who have actually never met a payroll, or managed a P&L statement. This is a travesty. There are countless examples of successful societies that fail because the underpinnings of their success (strong social fabric and economic strength) are eroded by government and regulatory excess. We find our great country at such a moment in time. The great and wise, the bureaucrats, are ramping up their social engineering and economic redistribution plans to new heights. Their target is Americana. Their vision is a society in which all people have equal access to income, regardless of whether they have earned it. All one needs to do is reading Karl Marx to see that the book has already been written.

More to follow.

  • College Roomate

    >The debate has raged since William Bradford and his merry band of brothers/sisters/kids first set foot on Cape Cod. They defied extinction by dropping their socialistic (statist)leanings and adopting Captain Smith's rugged individualism. B Hussain Obama is just one more empty suit ginned up by the left to get the working men and women of this country to believe some lib on the Upper West Side really cares about their life. How do you spell Hillary Rodman Clinton? The good news is that as Margaret Thatcher said – socialism sounds good until you run out of other peoples money. I don't see old fat head George Soros giving up his wealth to the U S Government. Best College Roomate

  • morgan

    >The problem with many Americans today, especially young the young ones, is that they feel they are entitled to things that previous generations, (and normal people) had no problem working for. Thomas Sowell said it best when he stated, "One of the consequences of such notions as "entitlements" is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.” The Democrats enable such people and Obama is the King of all enablers. He is directing this country right towards socialism, which Sowell also pointed out, "has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it” I know some people that just visited Cuba….the pictures speak a million words. Communism/socialism is NOT a good idea. What a sad country Cuba is and what a tragedy it would be for America to become like that.