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Opine Needles, the website, is here!

Abraham Lincoln | PresidentToday’s blog is a deviation from the norm. Today we are talking about Opine Needles. It is with a certain amount of relief that we announce the launch of our new website. .

 Opine Needles will continue to blog away into the wee hours of many an evening. But the website is designed to be more; indeed, we would like it to become the venue of choice for those interested in learning more about:

  • American Exceptionalism
  • Classic Liberalism
  • Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians
  • The Constitution
  • The radical and progressive left
  • Election choices

 The list goes on. Our motto is THINK RIGHT. ACT RIGHT. VOTE RIGHT.

 We want to provide information to those who seek knowledge to make informed voting decisions.

 So the website will have our regular written blogs, and also video blogs (vlogs), articles of historic importance (in a section we call “Living History”, because to know the past is to be better prepared for today and tomorrow) written by guest authors, recommended reading, links to relevant and topical current writings, and general reflections on matters current and of interest here in the United States.

 We invite you to watch the current video entitled “Why Opine Needles”. It will give you a sense of why we think our work is important. Opine Needles is not an accident. It is the natural evolution of many years of thought and action. Opine Needles transcends the 2012 election. So while all eyes are on 2012 (as they should be) the fundamentals of a society based on free will and determinism live on, as will Opine Needles.

 We hope you enjoy the new website, and that you’ll be a frequent visitor.

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  • Wortman

    Didn’t you once have a picture of Robert E Lee on earlier blogs? If so, WHY?
    Did it have something to do with forgiveness in a bipartisan way about War Between the States? Or am I wrong?
    Can you keep my e-mail address OFF this new comment and use my nom de plume? C. Wood-Burrow