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Merriam-Webster defines piffle as “trivial nonsense”. Nary a day goes by when we do not have White House piffle drowning the airwaves. It’s tiresome. It’s bothersome. It irks the soul seeking knowledge.The President has clearly decided the entire election will depend on his ability to convince the electorate the Republican party is the party of the rich; and the President has made it abundantly clear that the root of all evil lies under the tree of prosperity. The President’s solution lies in cutting down that tree, and distributing its leaves from coast to coast. The President and his minions have no answers for how the tree is supposed to reinvent itself. You see, the President has never run a business. Only 8% of his appointments have ever served in the private sector. In Obama’s America, the federal government is the solution to all woes. Opine Needles challenges its readers to find one instance in the recorded history of man where economies thrived under government control and direction.

Opine Needles marvels at the number of well educated Americans who STILL buy into the democrat propaganda machine that lays the blame for our economic troubles on the Bush administration. In the face of all facts and figures which make the truth of Obama’s profligate spending incontrovertible, there are millions of Americans who still remain convinced that our ills are Republican in the making.

These same people believe the oil business is an evil business. They truly believe that there are sinister forces at work whose back-room shenanigans are creating massive and catastrophic climate change. We kid you not.

One of the fascinating realities driving today’s disconnect between the effete elite of the left and the pragmatic producers of the center and right in today’s America is that the lefties are, by and large, better educated. They dominate the universities, and they are prevalent in goverment, legal, medical, and financial circles. In effect, they are a self-fulfilling prophecy. They believe their academic prowess is a de facto empowerment to effect their vision of the world. And since so many of them believe and reinforce their own drivel, they have convinced themselves of the correctness of their visions and philosophies. A lifelong Opine Needles friend recently wrote us and asked if we were aware of the fact that only “6% of scientists (thinking people who use actual data) are republican?” Let us be clear. That question was posed by a good person; a successful doctor. We do not denigrate the man. We respect him. Never the less, his question represents the epitome of the case outlined herein. The walls of the “academy” produce leftist thinking. Their intellectual output is predictable and wholly in line with their political orientation!

Why the digression? We want our readers to appreciate how hard it is going to be to unseat President Obama. Not only do we have to worry about half of the electorate concerned about losing their personal versions of a free lunch, but there are still millions of well educated voters who actually believe the piffle. And that, friends, is a real problem.

The Iowa caucus is days away. Opine Needles has remained silent regarding candidate preferences, as the right thing to do is let the process unfold. But we have not and will not take the focus off the dangers represented by the current administration. Beware Obama, and by all means, beware the piffle!

More to follow-

Think Right. Act Right. Vote Right.

  • Opine Needles

    check it out….

  • Bonnie B Matheson

    Fabulous post! You are so right, the left leaning educational establishment feed on each other’s belief that they are wiser and more informed than the rest of us. And the “party line” in these learning institutions is that well educated people vote for the left.

    This is funny, but it is not a laughing matter. Living in a University town as I do, I see this all the time. And I know of some professors who would like to speak out against the progressive ideals but they are actually afraid to do so.

    How can we change this?

    • C. Wood-Burrow

      The operative term, parag 2, line 3, is “afraid,” as in ‘fear’ of the censorial society, peer and professional excommunication, maybe even hinderance of career advancement.

  • Mark Rennie

    Very good post, Jim. To be sure the academic community leans heavily to the left. But in my own experience I am not convinced that only 6% of scientists are Republican. I live in an area where nuclear scientists, doctors, science professors etc. represent a large portion of the professional demographic. And they are overwhelmingly Republican. Admittedly, this is anecdotal and I do live in a red state, but I cannot believe this figure is accurate nationally. Not to disparage the source, but there is a leftist predisposition to think that anyone in the academe cannot possibly be a Republican or say an evangelical Christian and it’s simply not true — there are plenty of both.

    • C. Wood-Burrow

      This surely isnt the same Mark Rennie who attended a small liberal arts college in the cornfields?

      • Mark Rennie

        It certainly is.

        • Opine Needles

          isn't it great that Opine Needles can reunite a history prof mentor, and a history major mentee!

  • C. Wood-Burrow

    This entire academic matter goes beyond b-ipartisan issues, extending, sadly, into Groupthink sadly yet perceptively analyzed by Huxley and Orwell, or Heavens forbid in Mark Twain’s Mysterious Stranger and The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg. Literary allusions aside, both comments make a fine point about the power of The Crowd, even with, or perhaps, especially because of advanced academic degrees: I hope I am wrong in suggesting that there might be a self-perpetuating cycle extending from the 1960s through today. I might add that President Lincoln, among other Republicans, dared defy mobs to ‘do the right thing.’ Surely some of ON’s readers recall Spike Lee’s movie of that title? BTW, years ago–so it seems in 2012–there was a book called “The Left Academy.” Title says it all, but of course parents spend hard-earned money to have their children educated to become indendent, critial thinkers. Or do they–or we? Best wishes.