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Remembering Vaclav Havel-

PRAGUE (Reuters) – “Vaclav Havel, an anti-Communist playwright who became Czech president and a worldwide symbol of peace and freedom after leading the bloodless “Velvet Revolution,” died at the age of 75 on Sunday.

The diminutive playwright, who invited the Rolling Stones to medieval Prague castle, took Bill Clinton to a smokyPrague jazz club to play saxophone and was a friend of the Dalai Lama, rose to fame after facing down Prague’s Communist rulers.”

In 1991, we were lucky enough to attend a State Dinner held in his honor at the White House. We met him, and thought to ourselves, “How could this guy be a president of a country?” Then we read more about him and thought to ourselves, “How could we be so stupid as to have asked that question?” Havel was a remarkable man. May he rest in peace.

Rest in Peace?

Kim Jong II has also moved on, although it would be a stretch to assume he is off to a better place. We cannot begin to know what is to become of North Korea in his absence, but we can assume it won’t be any immediate panacea. The man was bad news, and he will not be missed.

True Heroes-

The last of our troops have left Iraq. Every American should feel a sense of relief for them and their families. But only the most naïve Americans do not worry about what is to follow.  Ahmadinejad is no doubt dancing a little jig as he and his cronies plan a covert Shia move into Iraq. Watch that space.

Our nephew is an officer in the United States Marine Corps. To say we are proud of him is an understatement. One of his mates wrote these words below.

“You occupy Wall Street, we occupy enemy territory. You claim that you are owed something for nothing. We get nothing for giving everything. You want there to be equality throughout the social classes. We want equality throughout the world. You want to be wealthy like those you are protesting. We want to go home and live life without worry. You worry about how much you can get for how little you can give. We worry about how much we may have to give to get little or nothing back. Most of us are worth more dead in a combat zone than we are alive and earning our military paycheck. You are the 99% worried about the income of the 1%. We are the 1% worried about the lives of the 99%.”

The men and women of our armed services deserve a prayer from each and every one of us each and every day.


Humans are resilient creatures. Lord knows, sports fans have been tested this fall. The NCAA scandals are nothing short of depressing, and the fact that professional athletes are STILL getting busted for using steroids is mind-boggling. We would prefer to watch ESPN (with our children) and see great sports, not incessant news about pedophiles and idiots.


The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are right around the corner. What a great time to put your feet up and do some reading. Check out our Library recommendations on the website.

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