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Seize the Day!

And so it is. The dust is settling, and the aggrieved voters have spoken. But what have they actually told us?

–Is this election a validation of Republican values?

–Have we turned a corner and stemmed the tide of Democrat party control?

–Does this election confirm the majority of Americans believe in one of the core values that founded our great nation; that there is, in fact, a right for the individual to chart his or her own course in our society?

Alas, I think not. I wish it were so, but I think not. The results of this election tell us one thing. A significant majority of those Americans who chose to vote do NOT like President Obama’s vision of hope and change. They feel deceived. What he has done is not what 53% of the electorate thought it was voting for in 2008. And the Democrats have now paid a huge price at the polls.

In many cases across the country, respectable Democrat candidates lost to Republicans for no other reason than they were inextricably linked to the massive sense of disappointment attached to the President. It would be a mistake of epic proportions for Republicans to assume they have been given a mandate. They have been given only one thing; ANOTHER CHANCE. So let’s hope they do something big with this opportunity. If the Republican leadership does not step up and demonstrate true leadership, the moment will be lost.

What constitutes leadership?

– Republicans must map out and clearly enunciate a course of action that will render Obama-Care moot.

–The Bush tax cuts must be extended for all Americans. NO MORE CLASS WARFARE!

–Stand up to and say “NO” to business as usual pork barrel earmarks. (The earmarks are a small fraction of our annual budget. But psychologically, it is important to demonstrate fiscal resolve.)

–Eliminate deficit spending. David Cameron and his Tory party have rolled out a four year plan that balances the UK budget by 2015. We MUST replicate this course of action. Republicans must commit to eliminating the budget deficit within 4 years. You may ask “with a $1,400,000,000,000 hole, how can we ever get back to square one?” We can, and we must. Through LEADING, the Republicans need to take a firm stand and explain that the prescribed course of action will be painful. We cannot continue to live on money we do not have.

This is no time to be the party of compromise. This is the time to stand up and be counted.

James Carville’s 1992 slogan is as applicable today as it was then. “It’s the economy, stupid!” Republicans MUST NOT let the 2012 election process become mired in social issues dominated by its far right constituency. It is too much red meat for the all important independent voter to digest. DO NOT get sanctimonious. Keep all eyes on the prize. Maintain a focus on fiscal conservatism.

The 2010 election has proven that while the Democrats have worked hard to create a plurality of the electorate that depends on the government for some form of subsidy, what still matters is who actually votes! Republicans must seize on the engagement of the involved voter and develop policy that keeps those voters involved in the process. The sad truth of the matter is that Republicans will never again be in the majority of eligible voters in the United States. The goal is to develop and maintain the allegiance of the majority of those who care enough to cast their ballot.

There will be great expectations of the new House of Representatives, and maneuvering for the 2012 Presidential campaign will now begin in earnest. All of us wait to see how hope and change can be redefined. Let’s hope the Republican Party seizes this unique moment in time. I pray they don’t drop the ball. This is one time I’m OK with invoking God in the affairs of state. We need all the help we can get.

More to follow-