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You see, every week I receive an analytic report from Google. The report records how many people read my blog on a daily basis. Readership almost doubled on the first day after I posted “Why I Love Texas”. Now this can mean a lot of things:

–my political opining is putting you to sleep…

–a lot of Opine Needle readers also love Texas…or,

–”Why I Love Texas” is a better attention grabber than “It’s ALL Bush’s Fault!”

I’m thinking the answer is a combination of the last two options. But that means there is something to the eye grabber theory. So this blog is simply called “Sex”. It’s monosyllabic, and certainly qualifies for any straight talk express you can conjure.

I regret to say that the rest of this post has nothing to do with sex. And while you’ve probably already figured out you’ve been duped, you might as well hang in there for a couple more minutes.

I am writing as the President and his democrat leadership seem poised to defy the will of the people and manipulate the constitution into uncharted legislative waters. They stand on the precipice of dramatically changing (irrevocably, most likely) the landscape for the provision of what up until now has been world class healthcare in the United States. Our country is being stolen before our very eyes. These elitists, who profess to feel so deeply for America’s downtrodden, (yet have exempted themselves from the impact of this redistributive program), are bound and determined to lead the United States down a path of previously failed economic and social experiments. No republic or democracy has emerged from such radical social engineering with stronger economies, or healthier people! This course has been tested time and again, and this course has failed the test every time.

Yet here we are, on the verge of witnessing the borderline clandestine (by way of arcane manipulations) passage of one of the most catastrophic bills in American history. Don’t you ask yourself, “How can this be happening?” I have concluded that the American people elected a chameleon as President. No one really knows this man. We do know that he spent his pre-political years associated with people who do not like the United States of America. At this point in time, it is not a stretch to connect the dots and draw the conclusion that President Obama does not even like the United States you and I love.

Many friends of mine have already ceded the health care fight, but are taking solace from the fact that the American people will surely rise up and take Washington back in November 2010 and 2012. That may happen. But that isn’t the point. The point is that once this legislation (and more that is sure to follow) gets on the books, the inexorable hand of government will be digging deeper and deeper into your pocket, all the while taking more and more of your liberty and freedom of choice away. And when was the last time you saw government get smaller? The damage this Administration is doing is incalculable.

So it doesn’t do anyone any good to be able to look forward to a day of voter retribution. Too much damage will have been done. If you believe in God, I suggest a prayer. If you don’t, summon whatever power you can muster to hope for a miracle in the next several days. We need one.

I’ll let you know if the Sex title topped the Texas theme in my next post. I’m betting on it.

More to follow-