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State of the Union-HELLO? REALLY?

I wish I could say I was pleasantly surprised. Alas, the President lived up to all expectations. He:

—blamed all ills on the Bush years, Wall Street, and people who make more than $250,000 a year, and

—made the case for Government as the solution for all the perceived ills.

There was a dim ray of hope when he spoke up for nuclear power and offshore exploration, but then he stuck a dagger in the heart of those ideas by wrapping them up in his comprehenisve energy and carbon reform legislation. He even went further to mock those who question global warming given the “overwhelming evidence” supporting his position.

He blithely attempted to blame “Washington” for political gridlock. This was an implicit way of telling the American people he could feel their pain; that he is one of us, and not one of those evil Washington insiders. HELLO? REALLY?

Pundits were predicting that with the debacle in Massachusetts, the President would use this address to move his politics toward the middle. The pundits were wrong. While the President was deft at appearing to do so, in reality, he stayed on message regarding the need for energy, health, and tax reform. NOTHING has changed.

On health care reform, he challenged Congress to pass his bill. He suggested that no one can conjure up a better way. The premise continues to be flawed. HEALTH CARE IN THE UNITED STATES IS NOT SICK. HEALTH CARE COSTS ARE SICK. And one of the fundamental first steps toward reigning in runaway health care costs is to institute comprehensive tort reform. You will not find one iota of tort reform legislation in the democrat bills that have come out of the House or the Senate. Instead, the President blames insurance company greed. HELLO? REALLY?

The President wants to continue to bail out distressed homeowners. He wants everyone who is feeling pain to feel better. And the President thinks it is only fair that those who have been successful in this country should pay for his pain solutions. I looked through the papers of many of our Founding Fathers, and I could not find anyone, at anytime who wrote words to the effect of “Whilst the Articles of Confederation and subsequent Constitution of the United States remain wholly silent as regards the role of the Central (or Federal) Government in providing economic relief for its citizenry, it is the secret desire of these Founding Fathers to ensure that those citizens who have provided for themselves will be taxed progressively so that the surplus of their earnings may be redistributed to those who are less fortunate.” I looked and looked and looked, but I could not find those words anywhere. Yes, one more time- HELLO? REALLY?

Take deep breaths.

More to follow-