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Over the past couple decades I have been asked if I ever considered running for office. I was close once; the answer almost invariably has been “yes, but….” To be asked is flattering, but then again these are generally the same friends who detest the bloviating popinjays of O’Reilly’s world, so one could view the suggestion as faint praise. The reality is that I see things in black and white, and today’s political environment has morphed into various shades of grey. For instance, I simply will not and would not countenance today’s illiberal left. This movement has become rigidly intolerant of ANY alternative viewpoint. Theirs is a world full of victims. To the left, almost every perceived societal ill has arisen somehow through the overt neglect and malevolence of those cursed with Anglo-Saxon heritage.

While there may be dozens of reasons why I am not suited for public office, one reason (and reason enough) is that my politics would never survive the slurs of a high pitched main stream media battle. Special interests and the effete elite would make me a poster child for all that is wrong with traditional America. The liberals are at their very bigoted best when they have some good red meat on which to chew.

I’ve labeled this blog “Tar Baby”. You and I see that expression and we think of something we do not want to touch, because if we do it will stick to us. It was perhaps made famous in the Uncle Remus stories, but the origins of the expression are thought to have Native American roots. It is only in recent times that activist African Americans have decided that the expression is a racial slur. Sorry, I’m not buying it. So there you go; I told you I am not made of the right stuff to be a politician in today’s world of politically correct revisionism.

My Tar Baby topic is the issue of illegal immigration. The illegal immigrant issue is vexing. We are, after all, a nation of immigrants. The rich tapestry of American culture has been indelibly embroidered by and with numerous cultures and ethnicities. But until the latter part of the twentieth century, there was always a common thread holding the tapestry together; everyone who came to our shores came to pursue an American opportunity, and ultimately, to become an American. Being an American (which, in spite of the threats to its very essence, remains a very unique and enriching distinction) means one country, one culture, one language, and one flag. In the last fifty years, we have witnessed steady erosion in commitment to “one country”. Numerous politicians have promoted policies encouraging multi-culturalism and multiple languages within our borders. (“Press 1 for English, and 2 for Spanish,” if you get my drift.)

The influx of illegal immigrants in the United States has created massive economic, social and political upheaval. So here is the long and short of it. The hard cold reality is that we don’t have an influx of Europeans and Asians causing these issues. We have an influx of Hispanic speaking peoples from Central America. They have come to America to make money. Who can blame them? They have poured over our state borders for decades. If Canada was destitute and the Central American states all affluent, the problem would be on our northern border. So it is what it is; the issue lies to our south. And no one wants to deal with this tar baby.

Opine Needles says this:

–Israel has blazed the trail. Secure border fences work. I’m not talking about rusting barbed wire. I’m talking about double barrel trenched fencing with electronic eavesdropping capabilities.

–Do not offer blanket amnesty to those presently living illegally in the United States. Why on earth should they be given rights that LEGAL immigrants from all over the world have worked hard to achieve? Offer the “illegals” the opportunity to become American citizens by registering, and proving over a minimum of five years that they are qualified to be American citizens. Anyone with a criminal record goes; full stop. Call it the COAL program-Chance Of A Lifetime. Anyone who does not comply with the COAL law goes; along with their offspring.

–Continue the worker program for itinerate workers.

–Build the fences, patrol them, pass the COAL bill, and ENFORCE THE LAWS we already have on the books.

I’m sure you have seen the Main Stream Media and democrats heaping abuse on Arizona. (President Obama referred to the recently passed legislation as “misguided”.) All Arizona has done is open the door for state and local police to do the job the federal government has refused to do; enforce the law of the land.

Illegal immigrants cost our country TENS of BILLIONS of dollars every year. They are increasingly involved in violent crimes, and make up an ever growing number of our prison population. Our border is also an open door to terrorists seeking to harm Americans on American soil. It’s time to shut that door! Let me be perfectly clear; Opine Needles wants the United States of America to continue to be the beacon of freedom and hope to the world. We want those who are politically or ethnically oppressed to know they have a safe haven in the land of opportunity. We want intellectual capital from other nations to WANT to become Americans. But we have laws for those who would emigrate to the United States, and those laws must be enforced.

So why all the political prevarication? The political southpaws (couldn’t resist-apologies to my left-handed family and friends) see any attempt to deal firmly and decisively with the millions of illegals in our country as overt profiling; a blatant racist ploy. And most Republicans have been too scared to tackle the issue in the manner in which they know it has to be tackled. It’s time to call a spade a spade; (oh my, there I go again. That is another expression that has become unacceptable in today’s PC world, even though it dates back hundreds of years and refers to a gardening tool.) We have a huge problem that is contributing directly to the economic, social and cultural degradation of our country. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Illegal immigration can be slowed to a trickle. The expense (both in terms of infrastructure and ongoing oversight) would be a fraction of what is already being incurred by state and federal taxpayers. But it will take resolve, and it will take guts; two characteristics in very short supply right now in Washington D.C.

More to follow-