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The 2012 Election- Americans Are of Two Minds

Opine Needles: A blogger's journey through the Obama Presidency by Jim Pierce | 9781618628350 Tate Publishing

We know many voters of are two opinions about the upcoming presidential election. They like President Obama as a person, but they just aren’t so sure about the job he has done as President.

Folks, it is for these good Americans that we have written “Opine Needles”, the book.

We have made the point (some would say incessantly) for the past three years that the United States faces a:

  • – unprecedented constitutional crisis as regards the abuse of executive powers,    
  • – philosophical federal versus states’ rights divide,
  • – quintessential church and state impasse,
  • – financial meltdown, and
  • – the end of American exceptionalism.

Humans are funny creatures. We have what amounts to an unlimited capacity to forget. And if we like someone, we’re pretty good at forgiving as well. Like it or not, more than half of the American populace LIKES President Obama.

So when it comes down to it, “Opine Needles”, (the book) has been compiled to remind people that the past three years have been terrible for the United States of America. “Opine Needles” is a compendium of our blogs dating back to January, 2010. By providing you with this trip down memory lane, we hope to prevent you from slipping into the forgive and forget world of real-time politics.

We believe President Obama is the most divisive President in our lifetime. His is a vision that is markedly different from that of our founding fathers. All we ask is that you take the time to remove the emotion and rationally look at where we now stand as a nation, and what is to become of us if we do not change course.

Following are some excerpts from the book.

…the private sector is still shrinking. And the president’s proposed tax agenda is tantamount to kicking a dog while it is still asleep in the corner.–February 5, 2010

We are experiencing George Orwell’s 1984. It is no longer an academic argument. It is happening. The United States is a jet, and it has been hijacked. We are the passengers. It’s time to roll.—March 28, 2010

The Endangered Species Act envisages jail time for people who wantonly kill endangered species. Picture a guy popping baby bald eagles out of their nest from his kitchen window. A little time at the crow bar inn might do him some good. But putting someone in jail over this spill? Crikey!–June 4, 2010

The democrats are bound and determined to post the following message after completion of their war on success in America: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED–December 8, 2010

Yes folks, that’s right, those 2 percent who already pay 80 percent of all federal taxes should pay MORE, because it is only FAIR. –January 30, 2011

What we face is an insidious, nefarious, incessant assault on all that makes America a great country.–May 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in year three of Obama’s one term in office. This is HIS economy, and it is OUR big problem.–June 18, 2011

….the majority of Americans think their wellbeing is society’s responsibility. The democrat party represents the “panem et circenses” governing philosophy at its best–or actually, its worst.—September 11, 2011

We have repeatedly written about the voter divide in America. We know we are very unlikely to change the mind of any committed democrat voter. And we know we do not need to convince a committed Republican. So in reality, whilst the Republicans have made a pretty good mess of the primary process, a candidate who CAN appeal to a centrist voter is most likely going to rise up from the ashes of the current process. The election WILL boil down to which candidate convinces the 20% of the electorate that calls itself “independent” that he can lead us out of the current morass in which we find ourselves. The election amounts to whether the split voter in the middle leans left or right.

We believe with all our hearts the hope and change Americans voted for in 2008 is not the hope and change they got. The President has had his chance, and he has failed.

The book is a chance to review the recent past. While we know some will not take the dare, we none the less dare you to read this book and still vote for President Obama’s re-election!

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Opine Needles: A blogger's journey through the Obama Presidency by Jim Pierce | 9781618628350 Tate Publishing
Opine Needles: A blogger’s journey through the Obama Presidency.


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