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The Election and Signs of Western Apocalypse

This has been my longest “blog-pause” since starting Opine Needles nearly a year ago. A hectic work and travel schedule combined with really nice weather in Houston are more or less the culprits. Let’s face it, I’m mad, but if it’s Saturday and the sky is blue, and the weather cool, I’m playing golf!

The past month has done nothing but further stoke the fires of outrage here at Opine Needles! Sometimes I feel so disconnected from what I am watching in Washington that I have to remind myself it’s actually happening; it’s not just a bad movie.

Before sliding into the abyss of apocalyptic depression, I offer some election predictions.

–The Republicans will pick up 46 seats in the House, and regain control.

–The Republicans will pick up 8 seats in the Senate, and significantly change the dynamics as a much stronger minority.

–The President and his team will NOT do a Clinton. They are committed to their redistributionist view, and will not move pragmatically to the center.

Now, in no particular order, these are just some of the stranger than truth moments we have recently witnessed:

· Funds have been designated from the federal stimulus package to teach underprivileged urban children American History in rap. I kid you not. This is progressive liberalism at its best. Let’s take taxpayer dollars and help perpetuate incomprehensible, dysfunctional verbal gibberish so the recipients of this largesse can most assuredly NEVER be prepared to enter the working world.

Ridiculous. What are these bureaucrats thinking? America is the land of opportunity. We should be doing everything possible to give our underprivileged children the OPPORTUNITY to succeed. Perpetuating their dysfunctional lives only ensures perpetual dysfunction!!

· President Obama attacks the US Chamber of Commerce for accepting foreign donations to fund republican campaigns. (Absolutely false, by the way) When Obama mouthpiece Axelrod is asked, “ Do you have any proof that this has occurred?” his response is “Do you have any proof it hasn’t?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Can you imagine if Dee Dee Myers had tried to pull that off during W’s administration?! She would have been pilloried.

· Senator Chris Dodd, when refusing to add support June 2010 legislation to require 5% minimum equity as a prerequisite deposit to obtaining home mortgages, said “passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.” Again, I kid you not!

Now Opine Needles needs to go a place Western politicians are not willing to go:

Militant Islamists are systematically populating Europe. Most European governments, including the British, are aiding and abetting the process. The local law enforcement agencies seem hell bent on protecting the rights of the radical Islamists, while simultaneously silencing voices of indigenous protest! In Holland, they are going as far as to prosecute a right wing politician (Geert Wilders) who has dared to question why the Dutch are allowing their country to be usurped from within. The legislature actually changed the law so they had a legal basis with which to prosecute the man!

In England, Muslims who profess to hate everything English are populating towns and cities in an ever so calculated way. This has happened across Europe. After 9/11, there were celebrations on the streets in the east end of London. You didn’t see that on CNN, did you? After the terror attacks in the London tubes, some English classrooms erupted in cheers. “Kill all the Englishmen!”

A priest in London recently told three Muslims who were in the churchyard they were welcome to stay, but could they keep their voices down, as people were praying inside. The three Muslims beat the priest senseless. They were apprehended and each was given 100 hours community service. The story did not even hit the papers. Now just ask yourself. What if three young Catholic boys beat a Muslim cleric nearly to death? “Hate Crime Beating!” would be on the front page, and those boys would be spending some serious time at the crow bar motel.

The West is living a lie. It is caught up in some kind of self imposed guilt complex, and its policies reflect a horrific double standard. The West bends over backward to prove it can tolerate all forms of dissent. And in so doing, it is sowing the seeds of its own destruction.

A vibrant country is one which welcomes diverse cultures and peoples. That does not mean that such countries should encourage “separate but equal” nationalism. That misguided concept has already died its death. The progressive left has dressed up “separate but equal” and termed it “multiculturalism”. Where the liberals err (again) is that their policies are nothing more than thinly veiled rationales for supporting more than one form of nationalism within a given country’s borders. It may be a great ploy for stuffing the ballot box, but it is an unsustainable and wholly irresponsible policy.

It’s time for our leaders to stop the insanity. Here is what they need to say:

“Our country is open to any law abiding citizen from ANYWHERE in the world who wants to move here to pursue a better life. By better life, I mean someone who wants to CONTRIBUTE to our society; someone who wants to WORK HARD and ADD VALUE.

But most importantly, my invitation is to those who wish to come to our country and agree to adopt OUR laws, and OUR customs. If you don’t want to be part of what we have built, STAY AWAY. We don’t want you. Don’t you DARE move to our country, live off of our generosity, and then openly foment discord and hatred on our soil. This behaviour will not stand!”

Enough dreaming, I reckon. Signs of our western apocalypse abound. More to follow-

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