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The President is AWOL

The President focuses on the challenges at hand.

The worlds’ equity markets continue to gyrate in swings and roundabouts. Here’s something to put in your pondering pipe and smoke. Fear always transcends greed. And what we are witnessing in the equity markets, folks, is living proof of that statement.

Grandmother’s stash of cash in the safe deposit box is beginning to look like a shrewd investment strategy. While she doesn’t get any return on her investment hoard, she now knows that the Fed will maintain relative value on her paper until 2013. Then, all else being equal, inflation is likely to soar, and she might find herself using her savings as kindling. But the Fed has bought her some time. For the rest of us, however, the light at the end of the tunnel gets no brighter. (Has anyone considered the long term impact on absolute housing prices? We could easily see housing prices plummet over the next several years, as disposable income dries up, and fear scares people away from buying. It’s all about confidence, and there is none of that at the moment.)

In the face of all this good news, the one question every American should be asking is “where on earth is the President?” In times of need, Americans have always sought solace and direction from their leader. (It’s a human condition, not unique to our nation.) In this, our most trying time of need in generations, our Mr. Perspicacious is AWOL. That’s right, no one gave him a leave of absence. We expect him to lead, but he has simply abdicated.

What we have here is a fellow who has grown up in the comfort of academic and community organizing cacoons. Wall Street and “big business” were simply targets of scorn in his world. Blue collar middle class America was an idea, but not something he actually had to understand or embrace. Union leadership, on the other hand, well, that was a ticket to power. No matter that union leadership and union rank and file have been disconnected for decades. The rank and file is comprised of that same middle class that the President only vaguely understands.

In spite of overwhelming evidence that his stimulus spending has been an outright failure, and the nation’s deficit and debt issues continue to push us to the cliff-edge of financial ruin, the President refuses to ameliorate or soften his anti-capitalist, anti-success, anti-wealth creation rants. Mr. Obama is still talking about MORE deficit spending and the need to tax successful Americans so they “pay their fair share.”

Seriously, can’t we get him to sit down for some psychological work? There must be an obsessive compulsive disorder in there somewhere. He’s like one of the people on the reality show “Hoarders”, except what he’s clinging to are failed populist ideas that are destroying our economy. A hoarder in the Tennessee hills can cling on to 30 washing machines doubling as chicken roosts in her bedroom without doing much damage to the United States. The President’s refusal to abandon his devastating views is far more troubling.

The world needs the US to restore a sense of order and sanity to it’s fiscal affairs. Thus far, there is no sign that this administration and democrat leadership in the Senate are taking this crisis seriously.

–As long as they continue to dance around the topic of entitlement spending reform, we are way up the creek with no paddle to get home.

–As long as they demagogue their way through interviews and press conferences, (by actually trying to blame the current crisis on the tea party–are you kidding), they have lost all credibility.

–As long as they actually refer to entitlements as sacrosanct expectations, we are toast.

How many “entitlements” do your children and grandchildren have? Since when did the word “entitlement” become a good thing? Apparently, it’s as American as apple pie to our democrat leadership.

Everything’s broken. The democrats aren’t going to fix anything. The President is AWOL. Stay focused, and vote ‘em all out in 2012.

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