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The President’s Unacceptable Double Standards

President Obama SpeechOn November 5, 2009, Major Nidal Malik Hasan ruthlessly butchered 13 colleagues, and wounded 29 more in a brutal attack at Fort Hood in Texas.

On March 11, 2012, Sergeant Robert Bales left his camp in Afghanistan and allegedly murdered 17 Afghani civilians, while wounding 6 more.

Major Hasan was overheard yelling “Allah Akbar” (the standard “God is great” chant intoned by countless jihadists) by numerous witnesses.

We do not know if Sergeant Bales said anything to anyone while he was AWOL.

That is where the comparisons cease. For while Major Hasan’s rampage was two and half years ago, the administration still refuses to link the attack to Islam. The Fort Hood attacks are still officially referred to as “workplace violence”.

Sergeant Bales, on the other hand, has been condemned from day one as a lunatic US soldier; one for whom the death penalty awaits.

Opine Needles obviously does not condone what happened while Sergeant Bales was off campus. But it is important to note that none of us actually know who did what during those hours the Sergeant was missing. However, we know exactly what occurred on our own soil in Fort Hood, Texas. A radicalized United States Army Major (one who had fallen under the spell of imam Anwar al-Awlaki) went “nuts” and butchered or maimed dozens of Americans on American soil.

And yet not so much as a peep from the President. Now let’s bear in mind that this is the same President who in the past few days decided to weigh in on the sad death of an African American teenager in Florida. This is also the same President who decided to render premature and injudicious verdicts (July, 2009) when Professor Gates (he of Harvard University) was detained outside his own home.

So it is very clear that the President feels as though it is his job to use his office as a bully pulpit to fight his own war on race; regardless of whether he does so in absurdly improper rushes to condemnation and (ironically) to the detriment of actual race relations in the country!

Of course there are racists in this country. Just look at Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright, and Louis Farrakhan. Whoops, we guess those aren’t the racists the President is worried about. So just whom is he worried about? Maybe it’s those gun-totin’, bible thumpin’ rednecks out there, enough of whom actually voted for him to ensure he was elected as our 44th President. Wait, what?

You see, this President is a divisive as any President who has ever been elected to our highest office. Truth be told, we can’t think of any other President who even registers on this President’s Richter Scale of divisiveness.

So where are we? The President will stand up and call ‘em as he sees ‘em when he shouldn’t be saying a thing, and yet he refuses to call ‘em at all when the rest of us plainly see ‘em!

So where are we? The President will stand up and call ‘em as he sees ‘em when he shouldn’t be saying a thing, and yet he refuses to call ‘em at all when the rest of us plainly see ‘em!

At the end of the day, this man is not Presidential. He is a community organizer sitting in the Oval Office. In this, the land of the free, and the home of the brave, there is a place for community organizers. There is a place for the megaphone; those who want to scream out-loud about their perceptions of social injustice. The Oval Office is not that place.

The Oval Office IS the place where the leader of the free world (yes, it is OK to still use that expression!) needs to use that metaphorical megaphone to denounce radical Islamist terrorism. What happened at Fort Hood is one of the most heinous acts of religious based murder that has ever transpired on American soil. It was NOT another random act of “workplace violence”!

Americans should not tolerate these double standards. In November 2012, we have an opportunity to shift the pendulum of misplaced, progressive social activism back to its proper place of neutrality.

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