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The Republicans Want to Kill Us! (and More on Weiner)

Opine Needles has previously danced around the edges of the health care debate. This blog may amount to more of the same. Suffice to say, the democrats are clearly trying to link the second bullet below to alleged Republican indifference to the needs of our senior citizens and poor. To refresh your memory, we have identified the following core campaign issues for next year’s battle:

• The economy, (aka JOBS)
• Deficit Reduction, and
• Which party does a better job convincing the electorate they can tackle these two issues and yet not threaten anyone’s life!

So, let’s first talk about a couple definitions.

Medicare is our federally funded health care safety net for all Americans over 65 years of age. If you spend your life earning a paycheck, you have contributed toward your Medicare coverage. There is a basic coverage, and a few more plan options which can be selected for nominal monthly premiums. The Congressional Budget Office has projected Medicare, under the new Obama plan, will be bankrupt by no later than 2021.

Medicaid is a hybrid (hodgepodge) state and federal program designed to provide a minimal medical safety net for the truly needy and economically destitute portion of our population.

So, let’s look at things as they stand from a perch slightly above ground level. We think this Obamacare debate is similar to watching a dog chase its tail; ‘round and ‘round we go. It is hugely complex, and each side can throw statistics at the other until the cows come home. We do not purport to understand the myriad rules, regulations, and nuances of the 1,000+ page bill. (To put this in perspective, the original bill creating Medicare was 28 pages.) In truth, we probably know enough to be dangerous. But that is none the less more than most people, and we have been around long enough to know that if something looks like a skunk, walks like a skunk, and smells like a skunk, guess what? That was a rhetorical question, so we are not going to dignify same with a response.

We think this is what you need to know.

1) To date, neither party has proposed a health care plan that will reduce our runaway entitlement spending to the degree it MUST be reduced.
2) The Republican plan (as proposed by Congressman Ryan) seeks to reform Medicare while still preserving the fundamental Medicare entitlement for all Americans over 55 years of age. There are spending caps and private sector insurers will continue to add value (by keeping the free market in the equation.)
3) Obamacare turns health care into a 100% government run entitlement. President Obama believes the Federal Government will be able to create savings and take the necessary steps toward solvency prior to health care’s own D-Day in 2021.

In the cold light of day, the difference between the Republican plan and the law with which we are now saddled is that the Republican plan (whilst no panacea) is written to stem (and turn) the profligate tide of spending. Conversely, President Obama and the democrats passed Obamacare for the sole purpose of creating a federal insurance bureaucracy that would live for perpetuity. Cost control and deficit reduction were relegated to federal oversight!

Opine Needles challenges its readers to name ONE federal agency or regulatory body that ever managed to run a successful business. Bureaucrats spend money. They do not run businesses.

Folks, the problem here is that the bureaucrats are spending money we do not have. How long does that proposition work in your households? Obamacare needs to be repealed. If nothing else, if ever in a conversation with someone who has been tricked into fearing the Republican solution to our health care crisis, do NOT let the opportunity pass to steer him or her back to reality. If one were to choose, it would be Obamacare that should scare the bejesus out of our seniors. Just point them east to Europe. When medical care is socialized, there’s hell to pay when you get old.

And now back (you may recall that we captured a White House conversation on this topic in our last blog) to Congressman Weiner. What on earth was that man thinking!? We don’t know what he’s on, but we’d like to distribute some of it to more democrat candidates. Maybe they are selling the stuff on New York street corners.

Pusher- “Hey buddy, ya want some weiners?”

Businessman- “You mean a hot dog? Where is your stand?

Pusher- “No man, not dogs, I’m talking about the other kind of weiner.”

Businessman- “Look, you need to shoot straight. I don’t know what you are saying”

Pusher- “Now yer talkin!”

Businessman- “What?”

Pusher- “C’mon brother, shootin’ straight is weiner talk. How many you want? I’m tellin’ you, they work.”

You get the picture.

Up there in New York City, they call it “chutzpah”. Here in Texas, we call it “stupidity”. So now he is asking for some time off to seek help for his issues. For the record, and just once, we would like to see a wife stand up and tell her deadbeat husband to hit the road.

Is there something in the water up there? Perhaps Elliot Spitzer told Weiner if he plays this right, he’s sure to get his own show on CNN.

More to follow-

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