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The Right to Bear Arms

Opine Needles counts among its friends many very smart and accomplished people. But a high IQ and success in life does not necessarily guarantee rational thought. Indeed, we have repeatedly seen the sad by-product of atmospheric IQ’s at work just by watching decades of misguided democrat public policy.
One of the show-stoppers for us revolves around the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.Question–How many well-informed people get this one wrong?

Answer–A lot.

Our premise is this:

–Our founding fathers were almost unanimous in their ardent, strident, and vocal support for the citizens’ right to bear arms.

–They were equally united in their rationale. Over the course of time, an unarmed citizenry has never remained free. The only way to maintain an adequate check and balance with a sovereign power is to maintain the people’s right for self defense.

Our founders were steeped in enlightened thought. They knew full well the shortcomings of men. They knew that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A FREE people who have the RIGHT to bear arms will remain FREE.Those who favor “some form of gun control” are misguided. The common refrain from the smarties is “look, there weren’t AK-47s and Saturday night specials when the 2nd Amendment was written. Surely you can agree that these weapons should be taken off the streets!”

Our response, teeming with incredulity, is “We beg to differ!”

It is completely irrelevant that our founders had no idea what gun shapes, sizes or killing powers would evolve over the centuries. The principles underlying our inherent and uniquely American right to bear arms are TIMELESS. Technology has nothing to do with the relevance of our 2nd Amendment right for perpetuity.

We also cannot let the opportunity pass to remind the high IQ’s that guns do not kill people. People kill people. If every law abiding citizen had to register all guns in possession, or (God forbid) relinquish some or all of them (never forget-any gun control measure is just the thin edge of the wedge), does anyone actually think such draconian measures would affect the bad guys?

Philosophy matters. Principles matter. Our right to bear arms must never be relinquished.

We can’t talk about American exceptionalism out of one side of our mouths, and drool some blather about gun control out of the other.

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    >Amen, Jim.

    Gary Krenek