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It has been a frenetic past couple weeks. Opine Needles was in theUKfor some of that time. We wish all Keynesian economic liberals would make a pilgrimage to that side of the pond. They could then see for themselves what damage has been wrought by decades of left wing largesse. Some of the lefties continue to believe that it is the federal government’s responsibility (please find that role in the Constitution) to support those who are less fortunate; even those who CHOOSE not to pursue a livelihood. The widespread failure of multiple European nation-states bears witness to the folly of such ill-advised social engineering.
Public sector folly-
An article in this week’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported an interesting 2010 census finding. The median household income exceeds the median income forSilicon Valley. Think about that for a second. It must make the liberals so happy! Your taxpayer dollars are helping insulateWashingtonD.C.from the problems confronting the rest of the country. Government spending has created a nice little bubble in our nation’s capital. The public sector is winning over the private sector. If you think there is anything good about this development, think again. Our problems will only be solved by way of the private sector. If we think we can grow our way out of unemployment by using taxpayer dollars (and deficit spending) to create government jobs, we might as well pack up now and move theBrussels.
The very same WSJ (October 20, 2011) reported some interesting news about government spending in the last three years. In 2008, the “federal executive branch had 1.875 million civilian full-time equivalent employees.” In spite of all the current democrat hue and cry about how many federal jobs have been eliminated, the fact is that “two years later, that number had risen by 253,000 jobs….a 13.5% increase.” The private sector lost 2,500,000 jobs in the same period of time.  The democrats continue to whine about the need to create more public sector jobs. They just don’t get it.
Gaddafi is gone, and the administration remains clueless-
Moving (once) again to theMiddle East, Gaddafi has finally met his predictably ignominious demise. Say what you want about the Arabs and North Africans, when it comes to dispensing their view of justice, they do not seem to let the notion of due process slow them down. Opine Needles stands by its original position; the Administration is completely rudderless when it comes to the development and implementation of a coherent foreign policy vis-à-vis theMiddle East.
The current gloating in D.C. is incomprehensible. We have no idea whatLibyawill look like a year from now. Our best and brightest Obama minds can only cross their fingers and hope. (Please note we say “hope”, and not “pray”, as most members of the current administration are very likely to be Godless.) For those who have ever fished offshore, picture this; the Obama administration is like a school of bait fish frothing on the surface. On the face of it, they seem to be having the time of their lives. In reality, they know the big fish is underneath and coming up for dinner. Our Middle Eastern policy is run by bait fish.Wall Street Protesters-

Do we even need to go there?

Pelosi, Biden, Alec Baldwin, Pete Seeger…..

‘Nuff said.

Republican candidates being small-
Back home on the domestic political front, the Republicans aren’t exactly covering themselves in primary campaign glory. The sniping may make for great media theater, but it is not doing anything to help our party solidify its message and make the 2012 choice abundantly clear to the undecided voter. We’re in that ugly “small” phase; when candidates jump into the fray and race to see who can commit to the least, while simultaneously pandering to the most. Opine Needles cannot wait for this vetting part of the quadrennial process to end.
More to follow-
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    >well done as always, Jim.

    todays local news had the occupy wall st. crowd upset that "undesirables" such as drug users and street people had meandered into """"their" camp to share their free food. only in nyc.