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Venom Time!!

It’s been a hot summer just about everywhere in the east, midwest, and southwest United States. The snakes are big this year in south Texas. They’re mean too; lot’s of venom. I’m pretty sure they are democrats.

Politics has carried on as usual; and by that I mean the democrat party has continued to load the gun and aim same at its own temple. One can only hope the American people rise up in November and pull the trigger.

It’s been a sad summer for some of us in Houston. We lost two good friends; both well before their time. Their not being here anymore reminds each of us to make the most of every day; it’s not just a platitude.

Spring is usually associated with renewal. As a father of four, I think the annual renewal process begins with the first day of school. It matters not that Mother Nature thinks it is still summer. It’s not. Whatever vacations we took over the past couple months are over, and already seem as though they were in the distant past. The real world is back, and in full force.

And with the real world comes a reminder of things that remain wacky. To review just a few-

• The WTC mosque crisis—what a waste of time, effort, and money. Law abiding citizens can build a house of worship wherever they wish. It is truly unfortunate that these people want to build a mosque that almost touches the WTC footprint. It is inflammatory. It is insensitive. It makes no sense. But this is the United States, folks. It’s their prerogative. Now, that said, if our law enforcement agencies detect one iota of threat to the American people emanating from that mosque (should it actually be built at the proposed location) I’m sure it will easily be converted to a nice Boys and Girls club for families in need.

• The Gulf of Mexico oil spill—worst environmental disaster in US history? Balderdash. OIL IS AN ORGANIC SUBSTANCE! The oil is mostly gone. Presto! The famous plume that Oliver Stone conspiracy wannabes had lurking 3,000 feet under the Gulf’s surface is not there! Puff! The liberals and main stream media wanted this to be a disaster. They continue to talk in terms of disaster. It is not. And now the liberals are using it to destroy the offshore exploration and production business in the United States. The economic hardship caused by the administration’s drilling moratorium is much worse than any temporary cessation of commerce caused by the spill.

• Hurricane Katrina—August 29th marks the fifth anniversary of New Orleans’ big bath. The main stream media is using the occasion to once again bash the Bush administration for its lack of response to the crisis. Brian Williams of NBC is interviewing the President in New Orleans later this week. One can only imagine the self-righteous lovefest that will ensue. I don’t have the ability to change public perception, but at least I can set the record straight to Opine Needles readers. The Bush administration was virtually begging democrat Governor Blanco to ask the Federal Government for help IN ADVANCE OF THE STORM and to prepare for the worst. The Governor’s office refused the offer of FEMA assistance, and to add insult to injury, waited for two days AFTER the event to finally ask for help. You see, the United States government can only enter a state if that state is operating in violation of federal law or it has been invited. The Bush administration did NOT abandon the people of New Orleans. The Governor of Louisiana and Mayor of New Orleans were hopelessly out of their league. Bush took the blame.

• The administration has proven itself beyond inept in the field of economic revitalization:
1. The unemployment number is actually well over 10%, because the
administration’s 9.7% number does not include people who have stopped looking for jobs!
2. The economy is in tatters. Home sales sunk to a post World War II low last month.
3. Investors have removed $35,000,000,000 from equity funds this year alone.
4. Consumers are not spending retail dollars because they have ZERO confidence in the economy and where this country is headed.
5. The democrat party (with a few exceptions) is gearing up to let the Bush tax cuts expire. No economist in his right mind (which exempts Paul Krugman) would recommend higher taxes in this economic environment.
6. With each passing day more information about Obamacare is coming to light, and its estimated costs to the taxpayer are skyrocketing. AMERICANS DO NOT WANT THIS LAW!

For the first time in our lives, we have a White House wherein less than 10% of all appointees have ever held private sector jobs. Our country is being run by people who have no idea what it means to meet a payroll. Our country is being run by people who truly believe the government can solve all ills.

Abraham Lincoln once opined, “The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves — in their separate, and individual capacities.”

The strength of this country has always rested in the capabilities and achievements of its citizenry. This administration and the democrat controlled Congress are systematically neutering its citizenry’s right to work for and achieve a lifestyle of its choosing.

Summer is over. It’s venom time!

  • Cynthia Cronk

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