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The 2012 Election – He Who Wins The Center Wins!

In 2008, the independent voter of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and constituencies leaned left. Hope and Change were compelling ideas. Our view is that with a little education and historical insight, those voters who accepted hope and change at face value will be seriously re-examining their 2008 decision.

  • “C. Wood Burrow”

    Spot on re: the centrists. About the best one can hope for is that the two-party system maintains status and continuity for a foundation of relative stability in the USA. There are alternatives, of course: the multi-party systems in Europe,replete with coalitions, with the Greek elections offering the latest reminder of some political chaos. There is room for optimism with the world’s oldest written constitution: the founders, fully understanding human nature, understood that “dividing ourselves from each other” to include enumerated rights, offered a rationale to safely maintain republican government. May it continue that way.

  • Gambier Chase Kenyon

    I must disagree about the “Center”. Obama is running to his base on the hard left. McCain ran to the middle and was crushed. As noted in NC, moving “forward” does not mean going left. Moving “forward” means returning to Dan Quail “Family Values” of putting deviant behavior back in the closet, not the people who want same sex sex, but their actions. Obama, who is probably gay, can not come out for same sex marriage because he knows it would dampen the turn out in the black and brown communities. These groups are religious and have values. Now follow this, if you run to the center, this group will say, hey he is no different than Obama, so might as well vote for Obama. Now if you run on a platform of “classic” values – hetro marriage, pro-life, low taxes, cut government, build the military, etc…, Obama base will stay home and the right will come out in droves. As my best friend says – Think Right. Act Right. Vote Right.