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  • Lee Hershfield

    Had the time,albeit at 5:30 this morning to view your maiden introduction of Opine Needles’ transition. Congratulations on a job well done. A cogent, thoughtful presentation that succeeds prior to my second coup of coffee. I look forward to more.

    Should you ever need a blogging respite, I have spent much of my career as a photojournalist, features writer, blogger and editorial board member for newspapers in South Florida. I’d be happy to contribute to your efforts at any time but particularly during this seminal election. Florida never lacks a rabbit hole even the telling of non-fiction.

    As always,

    Fight the good fight.

    Lee Hershfield

    • Opine Needles

      Thanks Lee–that could be very interesting…I would be pleased to look at a “report from the field”, particularly from Florida, which will be “huge”…at the right time, will need a jpeg and a brief bio too….have a great holiday season


  • Roy T. Wortman

    Good Christmas and New Year to you too. Video KPRC, on 9-11, replete w/ your ID chain/photo, and your interview words speak volumes for those who choose to listen: reflect on history is to sometimes be haunted by it, yet maybe even to learn from it. Pop culture was always, and remains, noisy; it’s a price paid for Vox populi. John Dos Passos captured this in his USA trilogy, and so too James T. Farrell. ON translation options are excellent; still, people need to be attentive in Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Helsinki—and Pacific Rim, Stellenbosch, among others places. Your words resonate about “people who have forgotten… ” — as if the modest frustrations of historians are not lost on you. ‘Who knows only her/his own generation remains always a child.” AON, floor 104 conference room, and all else associated w/ that day, year, on down through now and beyond….. Soldier on, Jim. Thanks.
    Prof. Roy T. Wortman