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We have seen the enemy and we are it

A few of my friends have suggested that my blogs are just strident enough to scare some readers away. Well, the context of this blog is that I write unapologetically. So, there you go.

That said, my Opine Needles is not a republican rant. It is a common sense rant. I have a friend in Houston who doesn’t like that expression. He thinks it is used by politicians in borderline apocryphal ways. I think it works in this case.

I have been pretty hard on President Obama. From my perspective, he is an easy target. And he is surrounded by sycophants and misguided idealogues. It is not very hard to get wound up on just about any position postulated by the President. I am bemused by the fact that he and his cronies love to talk about the arrogance of the Bush years. Americans have seen more arrogance in the past twelve months than in the eight prior years! The problem with the radical left is that they do not countenance any position that deviates even slightly from theirs. They do not invite debate. Their positions are firm, and if you don’t agree, you are wrong! Climate Change is a poster child for this assertion, and the guilt ridden cry for affirmative action (if you aren’t sure how to right an age old wrong, you can always play the reparations card) is not far behind.

But actually, I am writing about the republicans in this post. They took a majority in 2004 and completely embarrassed themselves. Their leadership was petty, small minded, and vindictive. In fact, there was no leadership. They deserved what they got, which boiled down to being booted from office. They had a chance to work with the President to focus on defense and economic growth legislation. Instead, they were just as bad as Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel and the rest of that crew as they demanded more and more pork.

The republicans EARNED their minority positions in both houses of Congress. In a word, their performance was pitiful.

So where to from here? First, anyone who thinks that beating Obama in 2012 will be a layup is seriously mistaken. The democrat machine will be ramped up. More and more of the electorate will be on the Federal dole; their loyalty duly bought. The republicans MUST reassert themselves as the party of IDEAS. They must demonstrate to the American electorate that free enterprize in a low tax environment is not dead. They have to give the people a roadmap; one easy to read, and easy to follow. It can be done, but it will take a spokesperson.

No one stands out at the moment as capable of lifting the republicans out of their own foxhole. The time could be ripe for a latter day Ross Perot. Personally, I hope not. A third party candidate is too much of an X factor. One never knows who will be hurt more. The Republicans need someone to rise from the ashes of their self inflicted incineration.

And now to the heart of the matter. You heard it here. Remember this- if the Republicans allow themselves to be hijacked during the nominating process by the far right,you can kiss the 2012 election goodbye. I enjoy Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest of the talking heads. But they are dead wrong when they suggest that the problems with the Republican party all come from the “center”. Think of the electorate as 3 groups:

1) 40% solid republican who vote party line

2) 40% democrat who vote party line

3) 20% independent who vote for the candidate they like best.

The election will be all about category 3. And those people are and forever will be turned off by strident social activism. Great Presidents should not have to pass a litmus test designed by a vocal minority of their own party during the nominating process.

Now more than ever people need to see the danger of promulgating social agendas. We are dealing with the most socially activist White House in history! Now more than ever, we need a candidate to emerge who speaks up for the rights of ALL Americans. Time to pause. More to follow

  • Conservative Pup

    >Well said. My hope, and I believe our only chance to win, is to focus on economic issues in a language that everybody can understand. Concrete examples and proposals and clear concise explanations of how the economy works. That, and someone who gives the impression that while not looking for a fight, would not hesitate to defend loved ones. Loved ones being all of us.